I slept with someone else..

Well, Ive been in a relationship with this guy for almost a year but we don't have s**, we don't even do sexual things often at all. I met this guy recently and he hangs out with me and my friends and my boyfriend, and hes really cute, and polite, and he treats me better then my boyfriend does. Ive got 10 months with out s**. And the new guy confessed his feelings for me, and told me all the things that are great about me.
Then we kissed and everything just went down from there, we ended up having s** in the back seat of his car. My friend told me I should dump the guy I'm with now, and date this guy. But I really don't know what to do.
I love him, but hes been different since he went off to university.

Is what I did really a bad thing?..
Cuze I feel really awful..

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  • He could very well be gay, has a low s** drive, he's scared or he has some serious intimacy issues. They may be issues he doesn't want to deal with, which means you have to decide what you want. ou said he's been different since he went off to college? Wonder if he cheated on you and doesn't know how to break it off. Who knows. You have to be happy as well. This relationship, sounds more like a friendship. And maybe it would be stronger as such. I would say, break up with him and be his friend. Find a relationship with someone, maybe the other guy, who can give you what you need. But don't continue to cheat. No one wants to be cheated on.

  • I don't get it... Your b/f is maybe too shy , or he "respects" you too much to ask for s**. Why don't you make the first step??? He would be happy; maybe a little jealous, b/c you are not a virgin anymore, but you can lie to him about a guy who raped you when you were 14 and you were afraid to tell your parents... I married a guy 14 years ago, and if I told him all the things I did with other guys before (and after, a couple of times... shame on me...lol) meeting him, we would have divorced long ago. Be smart, girl! :)

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