I like him?

Hi. Ok im so im 14 and im in the eighth grade nd i like this boy hes in the 8th grade to but hes 16. I met him at the begining of the school year cuz we both got in trouble. Nd ever since we been friends . We flirt here nd there and have made out a few times we also f***** once.But i really want him to ask me out hes not the cutest boy ever but i like him alot his personality is just awesome . He says he likes me nd tells pther people he does but hes always flirtig with other girls nd then gets mad at me when j talk to other guys or say he doesnt like me. I mean i dont understand him. Ive ben liking him for over 6months and i have never felt this way about anyone else before.idk if it love or whatever but i know tht i like him a whole lot ive turned down every other guy even some of his friends waiting for him to ask me out and making up excuses for why i cant go out with the other guys. I just want him to ask me out....

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  • F***. Im 16 and a senior in high school...

  • F*** that s*** o; if he wanted to be with you Hehtell you &aye I feel you .. Yall fuckealready ?o:That shows he ain't love youYouwere just a F*** buddy to that niqqa . Go out with somebody else ^.^ & if he gets jello h& asks you out then he did infact like you

  • Umm your just kids. Wait till your 18 or 21 would be better. Get a job and good education then you can start dreaming and tapping guys :). Saving my virginty for the right guy. Oh and I'm 19.

  • -.- You are almost certainly an ugly loser. 18 or 21? LOL.

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