Oh boy

I jacked off during a road trip with my mom and sister in the car. I had a blanket over me, and i had to do it secretly. It took my over half an hour to c**, but I did it, and damn did it feel good.
Very kinky when your family is right there and don't even know.

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  • I live in th UK. My mum often jacks me off or blows me when I'm driving at night. Sometimes, I pull into a layby and s**** her on the backseat of my car.

  • Parents are smarter then you give them credit for. They know.

  • "I jacked off during a road trip with my mom and sister in the car. Very kinky when your family is right there" - dude that's really unusual and somewhat disturbing

  • Omg, when I read this I almost died laughing! im sorry..this just made my whole day!

  • i did that on a bus....and I'm a girl. x)

  • WOw, thats all I can say...... Spankin it in the car with your family.... What the f***?? Dont get me wrong, I am down to try new s***, and I know s** in risky places is very exciting. But beating your meat with the family right there, thats borderline psychotic IMO.Do that s*** when u are alone, or another willing participant..... Not in the car with the fam buddy.....

  • I did almost the same thing once on a family vacation. I was 15, h**** as h*** in the backseat. I had one of those oversized Time-Life N*** books in front of my d*** to hide it. My sis was asleep on my left shoulder. I faked coughing to get spit in my hand, and i rolled down the window so the wind hid the noise of me spanking it. When I came, I faked a sneeze and asked mom for Kleenex.

  • i did that my first time 2 weks ago from the trip im on right now and yes it is very kinky witch is why i wore my head set.

  • i j******* in my baby sisters bedroom when she is sleeping. sall good brotha, sall good. i c** on her stuffed animals all the times.

  • I have to j*** off, my girlfriend has a p**** troll named pillow-pants.

  • Ha clerks 2 FTW

  • Sometimes you gotta' j*** off, knowhatImsaying? *toke* *toke*

    I feel your pain bro, the urge to beat off has no sense of convenience, sometimes I'd like to wake up and just *BREATHE!*, smell the air and smile at my folks! Top-o-the-morning to ya'! Tip my hat and skip to class. But no, I wake up with an erection thats been charging like a cellphone battery all night and if I don't ex-or-cise the demons they will eventually manifest in the form of mindless aggression that would lead to me beating the h*** out the vending machine at school. Last time I head-butted it and then apologized to it afterward. Just from talking about it I now have to leave this site. Its spermicide genocide, I've massacred more potential futures than Stalin, Hitler and Genghis Kahn combined... In one sitting.

    Pour a little splooge for my homies who aint here. *GLOOP!~GLOOP!*

  • how do u explain the c** in the car?

  • Go on son, thats ****in' epic!

  • i couldnt do this... ok? my d*** is like 89 inches long and wouldn't fit in my family's expedition. too long.

  • haha im a girl and i did the exact same thing with a blanket and everything but girls are lucky cuz its not as noticable if youre quiet

  • HHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH ik how u feell im a girl and i play with myself in the car with my friends too... but luckly girls dont care as much..

  • dude you do what you gotta do

  • That is just strange, I'm not judging you, just what you did.

  • ... And I'm a Jewish N*****!

  • the funny thing is that they probably knew but didn't want to say something because it was soooo f****** awkward

  • Agreed :3 I can just imagine what they are thinking

  • my parents told my cousin who then told me that they know i have phone s** with my bf and they dont say anything bc its way awkward!!!!!! watch out kid

  • You should tell this story at a party.

  • like.

  • How cool you should record it next time

  • Love the sneaky s** acts (with another or alone).

  • There's a time and a place for that, but not in the car with your family there

  • Good thing you didn't get caught. Thats some risky s*** kid.

  • Haha, silly boys. xD
    This made me lol.

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