Bad Stepdad

I married her mom when she was 7. I became attracted to her when she was 12. It is sort of a love hate thing. She has always gotten every thing she ever wanted while my kids got left overs. So I have this wierd aggressive attraction. She is 24 now and moved out long ago. The last few years she was here I was obsessed with her. I had a hole in the wall to her room where I could watch her naked. I saw that awesome body develop. She went from flat chested to 36 C right before my eyes. I helped myself to an extra long hug from time to time. But other than that I never touched her. Not to say I didn't wear her panites on my face while I jacked off to her picture in her bed. I rubbed my hard c*** all over her pillow more than a few times. I even cummed in her lotion bottle. OH the thought of her rubbing her body down with my c**. I told her mom that I have the hots for her daughter. At first she was really p***** off. Then she embraced it. She let's me call her by her daughter's name while we are having s**. It is a trip I will tell you. Oh how I wish I could see her getting dressed again. If I only had taken pictures.

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  • My wifes daughter was 9 when we married . i told my wife that wanted her daughter 2 months later . she left with her but came back a week later . My wife cryed the first time i enjoyed her daughter . Its been 3 years since i first enjoyed her daughter but she still crys each time i enjoy her daughter.

  • Christmas is here and we all got together at grandma's house. I got a couple of really good views of those delicious t****** as she bent over in front of me. Sometimes I wonder if she knows what she is doing. That is what I want for Christmas, her naked body in my bed for a couple of hours. Yummy

  • Last night was incredible. "daddy's girl" came in to say goodnight and wow... I guess it is the forbidden fruit thing because it really gets us hot.

  • You act so high and mighty. Like you have never done anything off the beaten path. Give me a break. You are just a p****.

  • wow man. like seriously... do you think that you're an acceptable person in society? stories like that make abortion seem like a good idea. no one needs sick f**** like you around. and as far as your wife, she should be shot for being alright with something so f***** up.

  • You should really get some kind of help I mean this way you can let everything out and not feel so guilty about any of it.

  • Please seek help from some sort of counselor.

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