I have cheated on every man I've ever

I have cheated on every man I've ever dated. Sometimes I cheated on them with several different guys. There was a time I was sleeping with 4, maybe 5 different guys. I've always felt a huge amount of guilt about it, but it never stopped me.
I've been married for a year and a half now. I love my husband and am more committed to him than anyone I dated in the past. I haven't cheated on him. Yet. I think about it all the time and have come very close on a couple occasions. I really hope I can stop myself, but I just don't know.
Every time I fight with my husband I think about getting a lawyer and fighting like crazy to get everything we own, including taking the house we've both worked for.
I feel like a horrible person.
My s** life is terrible. My husband hardly ever wants to have s** and when he does it only last for a minute or two. He hates foreplay and has given me only 1 o***** ever. I watch p*** all the time when he's not around.

But at the same time I love him like crazy. I'm a f****** mess.

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  • I think you may want to try marriage counselling before filing for a divorce. It sounds as though he has other issues with you that might keep him from wanting to get it on (unless he has a physical dysfunction that inhibiting him). Also, might I suggest taking a 'vacation' from s**? Sounds silly but if you take a break from expecting s**, you may figure out why you have always struggled with infidelity. Perhaps seeking partners outside of your past relationships was an underlying need to be caught? Do you have an extreme fear of rejection/abandonment? Maybe by being unfaithful to past boyfriends, subconsciencly you were rejecting your boyfriend before he could reject you? Or do you use s** as an affirmation of worth? These are questions you could explore on your own or with a therapist. Please don't think that I am judging you in any way. I am a married mother of three. Before I met my hubby I was extremely promiscuous. I had 'daddy' issues & a used s** as a way to get affection or to feel close to somebody. I also was raped by an acquaintance when I was sixteen. So, in a nutshell, it's been my experience that s** isn't usually the problem so much as it is a symptom of another underlying issue. Also, remember that once you cheat, you can never take it back. Even if he never finds out you will always be worried that he might. You only get one chance at life, try to make decisions you can look back on with pride. Good luck to you!

  • Yes, s** toys....I love my husband too. But god willing, he's terrible in the sack. And ten years older than me too, so he's getting to the age where erectile disfunction may become an issue. Oh well, as long as I have my vibrators, I don't care how limp he gets. He loves me, I love him, and we both love my s** toys:)

  • Great advice. Let him know that you need more in the bedroom, and buy toys. My husband aint that great in bed. I'm 24 and he's 36. I like to f*** all the time! And at first, when he and I got through f****** I still wasn't satisfied. So I started buying s** toys, and man the difference is unbelievable. While he's f****** me in the ass, I hold a vibrator to my c*** and I can c** like, 10 times before he ever c*** once. And he doesn't mind me using it at all. It turns him on to watch me f*** d*****.

  • I do not understand how you married this man. If you are that set on s**, how did you fall in love with someone who was not satifying you?

    Did you have no s** with him before marriage? Was he good then, or are you trying to do pentenance for all the irrisponsible s**, by binding yourself to a man that was not satifying?

    My wife was a virgin when we met. I had five different partners, but lots of s**. Still, she had to teach me to consider her first, to make sure she was there or near it before going for my own satisfation.

    I was hurt when she first told me she needed more. I thought our s** was good. It was good enough for me. But when she got honest with me our s** got better than ever for both of us.

    You are expirienced, to say the least. He is your husband. You should be able to teach him. Do not watch the p*** without him. Put it on for him just as he is coming in the door. Let him know that without foreplay you are too tempted to look elsewhere, and the marriage will not last, but follow it with tenderness. Tease him a little. Let him work for the finalie.

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