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I've been with my bf for a year off and on. We started dating last june. My boyfriend used to be a bit of a s***. He slept with a new girl every other day and had 2 other girlfriends when we started dating. I did not know any of this at the time. We dated last year for 4 months. During that time he was constantly lying to me and talking to other girls behind my back. He Described sexual things he wanted to do to them behind my back. We hardly ever had s**. It was once every couple weeks. He prefered to watchj p*** all the time and m*********. He did and said some really aweful things. We ended up splitting up for a couple months and then getting back together. Then he cheated on me and left me for the other girl.

After being split up for 3 months we ended up getting back together yet again. He changed so i forgave him and gave him another chance. So here's my current problem. We have been together now this time for 6 months. He hasn't cheated on me or talked to other girls as far as i know this time. The problem is that we still dont have s** as much as i would like. He doesnt watch p*** anymore so i dont know what the problem is. He tells me he just doesnt like s** and hates people touching him. But before me and him got together he slept around alot and even when we were toegther last year he cheated on me and talked to other girls innopropriately behind my back. So it's hard to believe he doesnt like s**. He says he loves me and we're getting married in a couple months but I cant help feeling he isnt attracted to me. He always makes excuses not to have s** and tells me he just hates s** in general. He doesn't even like to kiss or cuddle. I don't even feel like I'm in a relationship most of the time. Gah I dont know. This is making me feel so insecure. it's eating me alive :(

Jun 13, 2012

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  • that's all bullshit. id dump him.

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