When I was a nubile gay boy

I'm a gay guy. Back when I was a nubile gay boy and homeless, I was staying with an old man - short, fat, annoying laugh, one massively built-up sneaker because when he broke his leg KOrean War era, the army doctor set his leg horribly wrong. Oh yes I had to do disgusting things. Sebaceous cyst. I did get some jollies out of the deal - a lot of appreciation in various way$.

He had a bathroom in the front of the house that had a balcony off it. I took a shower and walked out on the balcony naked because it was ridivulously hot. THe house was brick and there was a low wall, so by my rough calculations, no one on the street could see my d*** but I didn't really care and in fact got a semi thinking someone could see. Dirty old man Bob lived in the gayborhood; I noticed a middle age gay couple across the street linger and shuffle their feet looking at me. I ignored them and toweled off and went back inside and went downstairs. As I sat in the living room with my friend and dirty old man Bob, someone knocked on the door. Being Bob's house, he answered the door and came back and said sounding bewildered that it had been two middle aged guys who fumbled for something to say to him and then said, "uh, nevermind."

May 20, 2011

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