How do I get my wife to dress ** in public

My wife is a ** 5’5” 120 lb, blonde hair blue eyed knockout. In our home anything goes. ** lingerie, mini skirts, naked photo shoots, ** shower fun you name it she is game to try it. In public she is very conservative. Tight jeans and a t-shirt or a bikini at the beach is as ** as she will get. She has gorgeous long legs and I have tried to get her to wear a short dress or mini skirt in public to show them off but she won’t do it. I bought her a gorgeous halter dress that was floor length but had a thigh high slit to wear to a new years eve party at a nice hotel. She put it on and looked amazing. We went to the party but didn’t stay more than an hour after dinner and she wanted to go back to our room. When we got back to the room she said the dress made her feel self conscious because it was backless and a lot of leg was showing. She said she saw other men looking at her and smiling and it made her feel like they were imagining her without the dress. I said that may have been what they were thinking because she looked so hot. I said I didn’t understand why it upset her if other men thought she was ** too. She said she felt like I was trying to show her off. I told her that I would love to show her off she was so hot. She said she was more than happy to do anything for me in private but trying to show her off in public made her feel cheap. I said you don’t have a problem wearing a bikini on the beach? She said that’s different, she didn’t feel like anyone was looking at her on the beach. I didn’t dare tell her all the guys I see looking at her on the beach. She said why do I have to wear ** clothes in public to make you happy. I said you don’t have to wear ** clothes in public to make me happy but she did have a gorgeous body and yes I would show it off to others if I could. She got undressed and stood in front of me naked and said you can have this for anything you want in private but not in public. I laughed and said oh I would love to show you off just like this. She got upset and said you would show me off naked in public? I told her how hot her body was and I would be proud to show her off. She turned and went to the patio doors leading to the balcony of our hotel room. She opened the doors and walked out on the balcony naked. She loudly said here I am naked in public for you. We were on the 10th floor so no one could actually she her. I walked out to the balcony where she was and tried to calm her down. I said it’s ok I won’t ask you to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with. She looked around and realized it was a private balcony and no one could see her naked. She kind of laughed at what she had done because she realized that no one could see her. She said do you really think I’m that hot? I said yes I do. Then she pulled me into the room and told me to take my clothes off. I did and in private she turned into the happy ** like she always does. Like I said anything goes in private with her. We had ** several times that night but never went back to the party. She did go back out on the balcony with me at midnight to watch the fireworks. It just seems like a shame to have a wife that looks so good and can’t show her off. Should I just be happy with having her in private or is there something I can do to get her to let me show her off in public. I would love to at least show off her pretty legs in a miniskirt in public but so far no go.

Mar 2

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  • You have to take her where there are other hot females such as a nice club where she feels comfortable
    Take her to a city where she has absolutely no chance of being recognized
    Once she starts to feel comfortable the guys will see it in her eyes. Just remember once you let the genie out of the bottle… she’s going to love the attention
    She’ll become more daring and eventually start to leave you out. I know many of my friends wife’s who would go out and it started as friendly chat then flirting then the secret hookups
    It made them feel good about themselves attractive and wanted. ** in the car became a thing
    One wife named Stacy could land any guy with her eyes and body. She knew it and started dressing **. There were many guys before my wife found it about it as she admitted to my wife. Shortly she was filing for divorce she loved all the hot new guys comments etc. I doubt anyone can take her

  • My ex wife was the same way. She had a smokin hot body and I wanted to show her off. In private anything was possible but in public she wouldn’t dress **. The sexiest was at the beach in a white bikini. She had a short jean skirt (not a mini but above the knee) that she would wear occasionally but if she thought she was getting looked at too much we had to go home. She had gorgeous long legs and I wanted to show them to others so bad but no go. She was so hot in private but never got to show her off in public.

  • I had same issue and posted pictures of my wife with face blurred out hoping to get some responses that would change her mind about dressing ** in public. All I wanted was responses about how nice she looked to show her. We got a few responses telling her what great legs she had and what a nice shape she had. Then one day she was reading responses and said OMG! I looked at what she was reading and there was several guys saying they wanted to see more of her. Some were just blunt saying they wished they could see her t**** and p*****. I had tried to convince her how nice she looked so that she would dress sexier in public and told her obviously others thought so too. She does dress a little sexier in public and I appreciate it a lot. However, what she read on that site about her turned her on and now she has me post pictures of her showing what they requested (face still blurred out). She loves reading their comments about her naked body and compliments on her t**** and p******. I admit it is kind of hot when I take the pictures knowing guys are going to see them but even hotter is my wife’s willingness to show all and her anticipation of their next comments and requests. She still has me blur out her face but there have been some positive things come out of all of this. She does dress in shorter skirts. She goes braless more often which shows her always hard ** poking out. She sometimes goes without ** in her short skirts. She has shaved her p***** at the request of someone seeing her pictures. She gets requests for ** a lot and has me take those pictures more than anything else. She seems to get turned on reading what some of the guys would like to do to her and after reading those ** is always great. I guess you have to be careful what you ask for.

  • I wanted the same. I'm Reno my gf asked me what should she wear. I picked out a body suit and open weave sweater. I could clearly see her **. We we were leaving the room I told her. She just said "Oh well" as we walked to the elevator. In the casino she had 3 to 5 admirers follow her around. She was obviously aware of all the attention and was enjoying it. It didn't make me jealous, it turned me on.
    Back in our room we joked about it. I said "you should have invited one up to our room". She shot back "why only one". We had awesome **.
    Had we stayed together I know she'd have become a "vixen/hot wife".

  • Problem solved. I took advice from someone and took pictures of her in her miniskirt and mini dress. I blurred her face so no one could recognize her. She agreed to let me post a few pictures online with her face blurred out. She said if you have to show me off then do it that way so no one would know who she was. I posted them on an anonymous site. After a few days there were about 50 responses. All of them saying what great legs she has and how pretty she was. I showed her the responses and she couldn’t believe it. Needless to say that was the boost she needed. She wears short skirts all the time now and we both love it.

  • Get rid of all her pants and buy more mini skirts

  • I force my wife to wear mini skirts.

    She finds it humiliating.

  • I took my girlfriend to a ** beach to show her off. She surprised me and even walked around the beach and a lot of guys and also women looked at her body. After the first time, she wanted to go every weekend.

  • You show her pics on the internet, just blur out her face. Plenty of guys will give you feedback.

  • Yes, there are sites where guys do video chat with other guys who are beating off to pictures of the first guys wife. The wives don’t know but the husbands relish seeing other guys getting off to their unaware wife.

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