Have to step up my game

Recently I shared a balcony at a resort with a friend of mine, We had gone on a vacation and had rooms next to each other with a shared balcony separated by a waist height wall, I was laying in bed and couldn't sleep so i went out to the balcony, Right away I noticed their lamp on and couldn't not look. I wasn't trying to be a creep but I could see right in to their room and I need to step up my game apparently judging by what I was witness to.
They are an average looking couple same as my husband and I, We all have had multiple kids and her and I are similarly built with both of us rocking the mom bods, We have both contemplated "Having work done" but I would say her husband is more than happy, Anywhoo, I peeked over the wall and got an eyefull, He was laying back on the bed and she was standing at the foot of the bed, He is an attractive guy and I would say he is above average in length and as she has told me he is for sure above average in girth. I have seen her naked a hundred times so no surprises there but when she leaned over the bed and started giving him head I was a bit taken aback, She is considerably more into it than I am obviously and was really putting an effort into it which I usually only do it to get to what I want and not very often.
I had a side view and thank goodness there wasn't much light where I was watching from, I feel like a total perv for watching but I did so whatever, She stood up and dropped her bottoms, He slid up on the bed and she got on top in a 69 position, She was really going to town and I may have to get a lesson or two but the surprise cam when she sat up, She very obviously was letting him do stuff with his tongue in her butt while she leaned back on her hands and he reached around rubbing her, There was a lot of heavy breathing and some whispering as she talked dirty, Like stuff I could never see myself saying.
She spun around and jumped on him riding like I have only seen in movies and then when she laid her chest on top of his he put a finger in the other hole, Apparently that is a thing for both of them because she had a very obvious o***** that way then he rolled her onto her back and she wrapped her legs around his waist then let him pull out and finish on her chest which is always a hard no for me but she did it and sucked him to finish it.
They got up and went to the bathroom together to shower I assume as I sat there looking out over the ocean and contemplating what of the things I had just watched that I would be willing to try.
I haven't yet but maybe in the future.


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  • First thing, It's kind of hot watching someone who has no idea you're watching, isn't it? And it shows you how you could maybe try new things and spice things up for both you and your husband. Maybe something to think about for your anniversary, his birthday or whatever.

  • I think that got watching another country. I would like a guy to watch me with my girlfriend.

  • You've never f***** in the same room?
    My wife and a buddy of mine and his wife go on vacation together all the time. In the beginning neither of us had much money so we always shared a room to help reduce the cost. Obviously we still wanted to have s** with our wives so the first time we stayed in a hotel me and my buddy got the ladies drunk. I f***** my future wife while my buddy f***** his future wife. It was kind of strange but we eventually got used to it, and that was just the normal arrangement. We have even f***** while in the hot tub, and even took a shower with all 4 of us. We have never swapped partners but we do have competition and game play. Now days we could afford separate rooms but we have too much fun together so we still share whenever we go on vacation.

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