I Just Want To Rant... Remember: We have equal rights...

I don't know why I'm doing this, I just want to burst everything out. I know no one will ever have a time to read this post.

I'm not gay, well I don't believe I am, all I know is I belong to bisexual group. What's wrong with that? Why do people have a judgmental eyes? Do you think people like me are mutant who doesn't feel hurt when someone eyed us with conviction as if we killed someone? Or as if we have a disease and will infect the people whom they categorize themselves as straight people? We are also human, who feels the same way 'straight people' feel. But why we are always being humiliated, teased, bullied, and what so ever.

I'm a girl who unfortunately like a girl in the office, what makes it worst is she's a very close friend. We are almost close to being best of friends, and one day I decided to tell her what I feel for her anticipating all the consequences that she might not talk to me after confessing everything, but I used to be optimistic I thought that she might accept me about who I am, but she did not.

She told me how she feels about my confession, she said that she doesn't know if she's going to trust me again or what so ever, I answered her its okay I understand. I respected everything, she doesn't like me 'accepted'; she keep the distance 'accepted and respected'. But the last time we talk she told me that she is starting to be okay, and hoping that she can keep our friendship, I just need to give her more time. Okay, I understand, and all her sentiments are being granted. Who am I to complain or say anything just to make any protest? It's my fault anyway.

Me and her is sitting at the office side by side, we talk casually, but when we are together with our friends, she seems to put the distance, it doesn't make me comfortable, honestly its really excruciating. Okay, granted I have to accept that, but I ain't have a disease or something, it seems I committed a stupid crime or what. I never asked to be loved, all I just wanted is to be accepted.

Its pretty much difficult to accept the fact that the first person whom you wanted to understand you seems to be the least person to consider accepting you.

I may be stupid trusting the friendship that we have.

But I know it was my fault anyway. But I ain't have a disease so please stop treating me as if I'm a real different.

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  • It sounds like this girl is more afraid of hurting you, leading you on than not accepting you as you are. Maybe you should talk to her and make it clear that you aren't looking for, of expecting anything from her. Only acceptance and understanding. Tell her that it's not a big deal. That it's like feelings towards any other human being and that she shouldn't feel awkward or that she should be acting different around you. She also seems to be a bit afraid of being judged herself (keeping a distance around you with other people)
    Tell her that you really love her as a friend. And that you don't want to loose that. But if you feel as if you want more than that and she doesn't you should back off, see other people, until your completely over her. But if you feel as if You's could go on being friends I say you should just tell her that being friends is more important to you that these feelings. Good luck, hope I helped.

  • Thank you, I think you are right she might be more afraid of hurting me than anything else. The things you have said seems to enlighten me. Maybe I will give her time to deal with it first, she might not know how to react or something. Thanks again, your views give me a positive vibes.

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