Best Friend's Little Brother

My friend and I have been bros for about 6 years now. He is one of the coolest ppl I know. We have a lot in common from wrestling fans to sports to video games to our interest types in women. About 4 years ago though, something out of the ordinary happend. I was heading home from work when my friend called and asked if I could watch his lil bro as he had a piece of ass to tap but he was babysitting his bro. I told him sure, no problem. His lil bro could be annoying but was cool enough. He already had a key to my place, why not he's my best bud, and dropped off his bro, then 13, and left. I get home and he was playing my xbox, which was cool. I told him I was going to go shower, long sweaty day at work, and he said ok. I shower and get out to dry off, I had a 2bd 2ba apt at the time, master bd had its own ba. I go to exit my bathroom and he was sitting on my bed stark naked, hard as a rock. My mind was doing flips, I was like what the h*** are you doing, he didn't respond. He stood up and walked over to me and knelt down and took my then flaccid c*** into his mouth. I was shocked, I couldn't move. I then got hard, he was doing an amazing job, better than most of the females I messed with. Then my horniess took over, we fooled around for at least an hour, but no penetration though. From that day on we have continued to fool around sucking each other off and humping. I have put my head in once and he loves it but I refuse to go all the way in, I'm pretty huge. He is now 17, soon to be 18 and I'm 24. I know what most of you will say but I don't care, he loves it, I love it and whatever happened has happened. Its not like I took advantage of him, he started this on his own free will with no help or temptation from me. I was a str8 guy before this. Anywho, I have plans on stopping but he is to hot and has a nice c*** for me to stop. When I try to resist, he pulls his out and starts playing with it. I try to ignore it but I can't. I love to suck it way too much. Bye bye.

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  • Maybe you're attracted to your bestfriend too ;)

  • When I was 12, I'd been having s** with older boys for2 years. I was attracted to an much older boy and did everything I could to seduce him to seduce me.
    I became quite adept at getting someone to get in my pants including men. I don't condone child molesting ,
    I was cute, and sexually a tease and don't habor any grudge. I wish that I'd been less sexually active at such an early age.

  • I just want to thank everyone who has posted here. Hi, original poster here. Ppl don't seem to understand that this goes on more than they think and that younger boys approach, seduce, coax, and etc ppl into this. Yeah, we are supposed to be the adults and say no, but the intoxication of the taboo nature of the act is thrilling and pulls you in. I throughly enjoyed and enjoy the things I do with him, but like I said I wont do this with anyone else nor have I though of doing this with anyone else. For the poster who said "child molester", i say no. It more like he was a "adult molester". He approach me, lead the way in the events, and everything. I never seduced him, never looked at him in that way, maybe it's b/c I was, lol, str8. But anywho, to the negative posters, kiss my ass and all the other posters' a**** who have stepped up and let it be known that this is not a evil thing we do. Although taboo, we are ok and we shall not be bad talked b/c some kid wanted to suck our c****.

  • First to the second poster, "consideration for others when posting??" Are you really out of your mind? You want me to have consideration for a sick, vile, disgusting child molester? Where is your condemnation for him?
    I hope his friend finds out and beats the h*** out of him then have him arrested! Same goes for the third poster.

    Women who leave their children with boyfriends should be JAILED!

  • please have consideration for others when commenting

  • I agree!

  • What would your best friend say???? I say "You are totally worthless and should be in prison!"

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