Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now.

December 23rd I was working late and I felt sick so I left early, my boyfriend was out with his mom and friends at a local bar, well when he got home I asked if I could see his phone he instantly just walked out of the room, you dumb f****** idiot, so I demanded his phone and surpriiiiiiiiise he was/was trying to cheat on me Oh did I mention our relationship was 2 months fresh? And that he was my "first love" "first everything" loooool. So being heartbroken I decided I was going to move back home the next day driving to work i was talking to my mom and she said "you're not pregnant, right?" Hahahaha no! Oh wait this test I just took says otherwise, yup pregnant by a man I mean boy who couldn't stay faithful for 2 f****** months shoot me, he was still begging me to stay with him and I didn't want to tell him but I did and decided to work thing out LOL so we moved to my home town got an apartment and things were great! So in love so excited for our baby of course until I caught him trying to f*** some girl while I was at a job interview. It's fine bc dumb ass me decided to stay 😂 Only to find out 3 days later he was texting her "you'll only hear from me when I'm in town, and I can't wait til you mine" wait it get better because I STAYED 😂 Are you dead yet? Because I'm f****** dead. Honestly though I was scared to be a single mom and I didn't know how great life was going to be before he literally turned a new leaf and decided to be the man of my dreams (but I'm like over it, and I wanna move on, and be genuinely happy, rub my butt on randos at clubs ya know?) well I started going out with my girls and I wanna be single but since he's changed I feel stuck. So we went to his best friends wedding and by best friend I mean smoking hot army vet talk dark handsome sweet amazing best friend, and I dont know if I wanted to stand up and object him marrying his (hideous, bitchy) now wife or just have him take me in a back room and f*** me stupid. But there was a connection I could feel it. Well I decided to add him on snap chat, i suck I know. Well turns out my feelings aren't one sided we haven't said anything naughty or wrong he simply said how lucky my boyfriend was for having such a beautiful, smart, and amazing mother to our son woman. Literally drooled st the screen oh and after he said "and at least he knows your going to stay pretty" (he's wife's mom is 👹 Ya feel?) well I'm so obsessed with him is it because I can't have him? And my boyfriend is a dirtbag? Or is he my soul mate? I don't know but can I f*** him til I find out 😩


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  • Yeh, and something a best ignoring. like some people and next time i won't jump into long contracts and I am gonna save and then look at discount deals.

  • I would go back and tell me not to work for ITE Imperial Corp

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  • You seem like an attention seeking child! I call bullshit on this confession.
    You need to stop making up stories and focus on things that are more important.

  • I didn't write it looking for your opinion

  • If you weren't seeking anyone's opinion, retort and perspective, why bother commenting back and submitting a stupid ass confession?!! You wouldn't have replied back, if it was a genuine confession and if you didn't care about, what people thought (: Psychology 101

  • Cute but wrong I wrote it because I needed to admit it but not to anyone I know. Like I said it wasn't here for you nor anyone to reply I just wanted to write about it. Psychology 2.0

  • Lady listen, your priority is yourself and your baby. There are plenty of woman out there who are fabulous single moms.
    And there are women out there who are willing to bite the bullet and look the other way.

    But for the sake of your sanity you need to decide whether you wish to constantly recycle the same garbage with your boyfriend or start afresh.

    Clearly, you do not like your boyfriend cheating on you, so why do you want to lower yourself to his level and do the same thing?
    Cheating with sexy army hunk won't make your home life any better nor will calling his wife bitchy.

    You need to sort out your head and choose whether you wish to stay for good and repeat this crap or leave and go your own way.

    The first step is always the hardest...are you ready?

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