Moving on?

I have been with my girlfriend nearly five years. Right from the start she was lying to me about little small things like her ex or not being where she actually was. I would catch her because it happened so often. There were times she would go see her ex and i'm not really sure she was commited then. I moved on though and forgave her because she told me she would change etc. She did change for the better over 5 years but there were times she still lied about things. Her friends were a really bad influence and i didn't want her to talk to them for various reasons. She still did... and later promised me she would also stop talking to her friends. This she never actually did. She kept talking to one of her friends behind her back. It's not that i am controlling but someone who does drugs.. tries to ask you to do a threesome with her bf is not someone i want my gf to be around. 5 years later i figured out nothing was going to change.. and she was going to do what she wanted. So i don't talk to her anymore.. been around a couple of weeks. She ended up going away for a weekend and staying with the friend i dislike. I am not sure what happened there.. and really don't want to know but what do i do when i really love the person?

May 23, 2011

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  • Yea, move on. She is a w****. My wife once said "Once a w****, always a w****" she should know. Hooking up with ex's, meeting guys from online, 3 ways with her gf. You can't change a s***, move on.

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