I fell inlove with someone miles away

Let me start from the very beining. I grew uP in washington state. In the beginning of middle school my mom dad and me moved to new york. In the beginning of last June my family life became alittle crazy. So my amazing grandma talked with my parents and convinced them to let me move in with her in Washington for the summer. Inwas really exited because my grandma was really cool and would Give me a lot of freedom. The first week there I spent most of my time in the house because my grandma was really busy at work. One day I was taking the trash out and I saw cris. At first sight he was very cute. He has wavy brown hair that kind of swished. He wore his skinnys that he wore so often and his 8th grade graduation graduation t shirt. He looked over and smiled at me and asked me if I was new to the nebiorhood and i said ya and he said we should hang out sometime. That was the day my life changed. For the next few weeks I would see him around and we would have light conversation. One day we were bolth going for a jog so we ran together. Another day I invited him in the house and made him Mac and cheese. We started talking more since bolth of his parents worked in the day and his brother was always busy driving places with friends. Some days he would bring me to the basketball courts and introduce me to his friends and I quickly got to know them. They were amazing people and just hilarious. One day in about mid July I went with chris to his friend ethan's house to swim cus Ethan had an awesome pool. We were having fun and I'm not going to lie may had a beer or two from ethan's parents fridge. I was going to impress the boys by doing a back flip of his diving bored. When I did I hit my head and fell into the pool uncontious. Chis knowtisted and dove in and save me. The next thing I remember was chis leaning over me his eyes bright blue with tears running down and yelling at Ethan to call 911. Of corse when I found my voice I told him don't be silly I was fine. They got me back into the house and gave me ice for my head. After my head wasn't throbbing so bad chris walked me home. When I got back home he made me tea and told me he was so sorry for today and hoped I felt better. After the sun was down and we were on my couch watching tv he kissed me. That day I fell inlove with him. After that we became even closer. We spent Lmost every day together. We would watch movies at my house and snuggle, make out at the park, go to the mall together and shop. We were inseprible. My grandma didn't mind and just told me to make sure if we had s** to use a condam and told me that they were below the sink. His mom and dad were pretty cool and exalting of me too. Sometimes I would have dinner with his family when my grandma was working late. His mom loved me and pretty much treated me like her kid. She would let me go on family trips with them like to the zoo or the beach. One day I herd chrises mom and my grandme talking about how they thought me and chris might be inlove. I thought this too and they were very exalting of it. But befor I knew it summer was almost over and I was not ready to go back. Even though I had been looking forward to starting highschool in new York with all my friends there I just didn't want to go back. My grandma talked my parents into letting me start school here. I was nervious to start school with chris because I thought me might not hang out with me anymore but that was not how it went. We had 3 classes together plus lunch. Even at school we were still pretty lovey dovey. He would walk me to class with his arm around me and holding hands. There I also met some pretty cool people. Chris knew everybody at the school. And after school we would walk home and then make out at my house. One day though are make out became alittle bit more. He unhooked my bra and began caressing and squeezing my b****. I unzipped his pants and gave his a hand gob. He fingered me. For the next few mounts we were truley inlove. There was no doubt about it. But then I got the news. My mom was pregnant and wanted me back home. It was so hard to leave chris. The last day I saw him was in late December. Right around Christmas time. I kissed him for what seemed like ever that day. Nothing much had changed when I got back. Every day I thought about chris. We would constantley call and skype echotuer. Then in April I went back to visit for spring break. Things were exactly the same between me and chris. I hung out with him and haile and eathan and devonte constantly. Me and chris would make out. And then just like that I had to leave back to go to new York. We had been talking laitley and have decided that when I go back this summer we are going to have s**. I am soooo exited. It is in less than a month. I'm just kind of nervous about it too. And I miss him so much. Every day I think about him every day. I miss those days together soo much. I wish I could just move to Washington so we could be together. After highschool we are going to go to school together in Seattle while living together. I just hope every thing works out. I just love him so much.

May 29, 2011

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  • Good for you. Its hard to find love. I wish i had a girl that loved me. Im so lonely.

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