Liking Girls

Okay I finally found something that I can use to vent my feelings and my confessions. I am an 18 year old girl. I like girls and guys, but girls really put me on more than guys do. I have had my moments with girls, and I have enjoyed them. The very first girl I had ever done anything with was my best friend. I confessed to her about me liking girls, come to find out, she liked girls too. You can probably figure out what happened after that, more than once. But now we are no longer friends and I'm glad I'm not involved with her anymore. There are now three new girls I like...ALOT. Two are my best friends, and one I went to school with. One of my best friends is too bitchy for me, and the other best friend works 6 days a week and 12 hours at a time, so I never get to talk to her. They both are bi but they both have boyfriends and I dont know if I would have a chance. The best friend working 6 days a week has made out with me and touched me, but we were drunk all the times it happened. But you know what they say "true feelings come out when youre drunk, and youre not as scared to confess something". That was me, I was not scared to confess my true feelings, and I knew I could do it when I was drunk, and I knew she would accept it when she was drunk. It made it alot easier to talk about, and she ended up kissing me, and touched me and she asked me if I liked it and I said yes alot. Nothing has happened lately but I still want it. We werent friends for about 2 months but we just started talking again when she moved out of her boyfriends house. She wants to leave him but..she loves him. But he is bringing her down from what she wants to do. She wants to go to college, get a good job, and take care of her son. She came to me for advice but I told her to do whatever made her happy. She also asked me about moving in with her, which would probably help the situation and maybe she can forget about her boyfriend. I would treat her way better than he ever did. She knows I would. I treat her good as best friends. We have a few disagreements here and there but never major. I wouldnt be all paranoid like her boyfriend is and I wouldnt ask her all the time "where were u" "who were u with" "what were u doing" everytime she walked in the door. I would trust her to go out by herself. Shoot her boyfriend got mad at her just because she took her son to the park while he was at work, instead of being at home and cleaning the house for him. Its bullshit...anyways, I wanted to confess this and get you guys' opinions on it. Thanks for reading..oh and about the bitchy girl and the girl i went to school with, they are cute tooo but they both have boyfriends but are both having problems with them, the bitchy one is bi for sure but idk about the other one...

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