Female Desperate for Pleasure Down There

I am a 20 year old girl and I just want a guy to go down on me and make me have one o***** after another. I'm so sick of guys being afraid to eat a girl out. I love giving blow jobs and I would appreciate if I was pleasured in the way that I want to be. I am completely shaved and keep myself as clean as possible. I also want to be f***** like there is no tomorrow. Is this too much to ask?



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  • I have never understood any guy who won't eat p**** , i love it nothing on this planet tastes as delicious , Mmmm those juices id drink them all day if i could , and there's nothin like feeling a woman o***** on your face while your eating her out , any guy that won't stick his tongue in his lady but is happy for her to go down on him is selfish and shouldn't get any p**** at all .

  • Are you kidding me?? I would love to eat you until you collapse. P******, as long as they are clean are so very tasty. Ladies, do not ever think your vaginas are not appealing cause they truly are. Lips with flaps or not, shaved or not they are all beautiful creations.

  • Listen all you guys who hate going down on a woman. Did you know many times when you think you are giving her the o***** of her life by pounding her p****, think again. Many women fake it to spare your fragile egos. Yes, I am talking to you. However, learning the way around a woman's p**** is priceless information. I love eating my wife's hot p****. Her juices are exquisite. So stop making her feel like her p**** is not appealing. You like b*******? Shooting your c** down her throat, up her butt or on her body makes you happy? Then get in there and give her what will send her to Mars. You won't regret it.

  • I would love to for as long as you would like

  • 27 year old willing to go down on you like there's no tomorrow. Message me kbakkn2191@yahoo.com put Eat Me Out in the subject line

  • If a guy wont fo down on you get rid of him.
    Eating p**** is my second fav

  • If you give great b******* .guys should go down on you lick you till you moan ,rub your belly while they are licking you so that you can c** ........i would love to eat you out ........getting a b****** from you would be great .do you swallow ?

  • I would love to eat your p****

  • I would love to go down on you

  • I like to go down on a girl. Give a girl pleasure is all i need

  • Hi who are you...I need that pleasure done to me

  • Realtributex@gmail.com please send some pics, really gets me off..

  • Email me 4matt2day@gmail.com

  • I love to eat p**** I'm in Murfreesboro TN if their any women out there please email me back at lonelyhusband11@gmail.com I'll be waiting on you.

  • Message me at tpdan69@gmail.com

  • I love eating p****. I could eat yours....

  • I am married my husband and I dont have any relations anymore I am going crazy I really want my p**** licked

  • I would lick your p**** 4 hours and just bring you two o***** as many times as you could handle it I just love sweet p**** juice


  • Not too much to ask at all.. you sound like my type of girl. Fucken Yum!

  • You sound fantastic

  • I love eating p****

  • Call me

  • If I was your boyfriend I'd get down there and lick for hrs

  • Would love to play kissy face with you and have you suck my c*** that's what I love the best . Call me at 614-506 -0976

  • I would love to eat you

  • I am ready to get lost in u.The ocean would be a great sensation.

  • Where are you. I would love to lick you out all night long and have you c** like f*** in my mouth. You can even p*** in my face if you want. I will finger f*** you while licking you to o***** and also take you up the a*** if you wanted.

  • I have what u want. I need to find u now.I am completely all urs.severna park md 21146.

  • Let me do what you want me to do

  • Cool I love eating girls out.... Yummm

  • I am guessing she is obese.

  • Oh dear 20 year old girl, that is not too much to ask. I am a little older, and I want the same. I just can't get enough and let any guy do it with me. I don't care if he is young or old. When I am on a bar Friday and Saturday evening I get very drunk, and after a while at least 5 or 6 guys are taking me to a place behind, and they are f*****g me in my p***y and my mouth without end. And I swallow all I can get. When they are finished with me, I am finished myself.
    I am embarrassing myself again and again. And by the way, I am very good at embarrassing myself. And I love being embarrassed by other people.

  • I am older now but eating p**** was one of my best things i could do to satisfy a girl

  • Even though this might sound 'gross' to you, you need to go online and find yourself a respectful, clean, older gentleman for this. Older guys LOVE eating a girl out and if you're slim and even mildly attractive you will have no trouble finding a man 30-45 in decent shape to eat you silly. Seriously!

  • I have done that a lot. love it and her:you: sure all you want. How fat are you? love the skinny girlz.

  • Time? date?

  • Location?

  • I used to be an atheist but I had a drug addiction that defied every therapy for years. When a beloved Christian lady saw me on the street and smiled at me and handed a New Testament, I knew i had to read it. Even when I did not want to; her smiles seemed indelible in my subconscious, I still did read it. One day, I summoned up courage to pray (something like; "Jesus just help me out if you exist . . .")and that did it. The drugs were gone! I have been reading the New Testament for two years (the very copy that lady gave me and I don't need another). I do not attend church but i know that I am a Christian now; I have peace!

  • Did jesus help you?

  • Very important to be with other Christians.

  • Wow! you're just the girl I'm looking for. how do I contact you?

  • I would love to chat with you. Say hi to me at duit4meplz@yahoo.com

  • How's your peach. Love to lick it

  • Watkins_beau@yahoo.com. i eat p**** well.

  • It depends how much you weigh if it is too much to ask.

  • If I get down there, believe me you won't be thinking about getting fxxxxx any more
    The last encounter she passed out after peaking

  • I love getting head..so i give it to her

  • If he dont lick you dont suck

  • Date me i m 101

  • Date older men who (theoretically) know how to do it right.

  • Let me eat u all day then I promise to lick urpussy clean

  • I'll eat p**** and ass, we can 69 idgaf just hit me up

  • Sweetie i would go down on you till you begged me stop i love eqating p****

  • I also love having my p**** licked - I am from London xxx pls

  • I wood do that for you

  • I love eating p****, where in london?

  • Im from Georgia and I guess I'm seeing the wrong ones cause all they seem to care about is there needs... Its bullshit

  • Date an older and more experienced guy.

  • I need huge d***

  • Yes I can help you there.

  • You're seeing the wrong guys.

  • Only date a man if he eats you out.

  • Where are you from i'll go down on you babe

  • I'd f*** you hard in your c*** until you, c** and then go down on you. Eating your p**** out and until you came enough to wash out the taste of my c**.

  • I live in central Florida and I would LOVE to satisfy you. I'd love to make you squirt too. ;-p

  • I've never c** getting eat out I shave and keep my p**** clean. I would love to get f***** real good I never get satisfied...

  • I've licked out every girl I've been with (24) and all of them bar the first couple actually squirted on my face I cant make the ladies squirt unless I use my tounge but they love it all the same ;P

  • They are p****** on you not squirting believe me. I have done that to a couple of guys because it really makes me laugh at how stupid some of you d**** can be.

  • I love to lick a nice p**** and finger your ass mmmm

  • If you are intrested to lick a p*** then rply

  • Yes

  • I am

  • I would love to just gimme your number

  • Show me a man who does not like to eat p**** and I will show you a gf ready to leave, or if God did not mean for man to eat p****, he would not have made it look so much like a taco and taste that delicious.

  • P**** looks and tastes like a taco? Bad description :(

  • Just wish to spend sometime with you to have some pleasure.

  • Fat girls need love, too!

  • My guess is that you are fat . Guys will f*** a fat girl but not go down.

  • I'll go down on a fat girl. I love that stank puss.

  • Men usually do not eat fat girls .

  • I don't understand, you are hanging out w/the wrong men, i love eating p**** so much, sometimes it's All I want to do. (an I don't mind saying I'm very good @ it); 1 tym I went down on my x for 2 hrs, just eating her sweet bald p****, untill she squrited in mouth & all over my face. After her 12th time she came she gave the best head & f*** ever; One time I went don on my lesbian boss, after an hour of her c****** she pushed me off & said "I can't take anymore, my god no one has ever eaten me like that. (so much for "girls eat better p**** than Men") My pint is this baby, Stop hanging out w/these looser men who only want to get & not give: life is short & You deserve to be licked, It's like a guy who wont kiss his girl after he's shot his hot load all over her face & n her mouth, If she's willing to taste your hot load, the you should be willing to share it with her....& n case you're wondering about why I said my X, It's because 2 out her morman sons head a problem w/their s**, curvy, plump BBW mom white mom being married to a black man, so they did every thing they could to split us up. I'll eat your p**** baby send me an e-mail @ jharper049@att.net & lets talk. I LOVE EATING P****.

  • I'm surprised your having problems finding a willing and eager man. If you really enjoy oral s** perhaps you should find a gay girl to help you.

  • Looks like gay lovers seeking each other, doesn't it?

  • How about with me (female ) and a strap on

  • You can do me you sweet b**** i want you i will eat you like theres no tomorrow

  • You can email me I love to do exactly what your looking for & if u have friends like you they can hmu as well I live in ny... Very clean and not a creep tycreamm@gmail.com

  • Outstanding.

  • Text me i love to eat p**** and very good looking guy 714 728 7011

  • Have s** with a woman they know how to eat p**** ...
    Can we say o***** heaven !
    I agree with the last person have some hair down there and don't shave it
    all off YUCK !

  • Maybe the problem is you save it all off who wants to see a bald p**** turn off your not 12 are you ? I'm not sating have a huge bush but have some hair on top so it's a turn on . Real men make sure the woman is satisfied first before they get off .

  • I like both shaved and hairy. I have always thought it was a shame women didn't have three legs and two p******. They could then shave one and leave the other hairy. Oh man could imagine that it would be heaven.

    btw don't you think it's funny when you get her pubes caught in your teeth, I always find that a real ice breaker.

  • This sounds like one of those your mother warned you about as a child, 87j8
    doesn't it?

  • I have syphilis, other than that I'm healthy as an ox and I'm so good at f****** that my exes end up in the hospital.

  • Congrats on getting all these thirsty comments l****

  • It is a fine thing!

    I would love to please you!

    Bill Claufam@aol.com

  • I've Been doing tongue stretching exercises and I think I'm
    ready to try it out.
    Should I bring a vibrator to stick up your ass while I tongue you to death?

  • Just tell me how can i contact u and sure i believe u will just find the right Guy whom u have been looking for a long time

  • You sound hot. What are you wearing?

  • Tell me how can i contact u and sure i will do that. n F*** u like no one will ever f*** u like it again

  • I'm a 20 year old guy I just want a babe to blow me.

  • I'm your babe. I'll do you. Let's go!

  • Will you f*** me?

  • Sure, Baby, we can do it all. Can I tie you down and p*** on your face first? Trust me, you will love it.

  • If he says no, I'll do that. And then I'll eat your p**** until you pass out. We can just go back and forth. You p***. I eat. We can do it today. Tonight. Tomorrow. The next day. Forever.

  • That's gros bro

  • Go away pukeface Meow.

  • If any girl that knows how to look after herself and keeps it clean down there can have my face buried between their legs 24/7 LMAO. Need some right now !!Mail Me sweet heart ;)

  • Oh, Baby, you are making me soooo wet!

  • Yeah, Baby. I do that to all the ladies. P.S. Feel blessed that I am even acknowledging you. I am a handsome dude who can get any woman I want including you. But, I have six women standing in line now waiting for me to s**** them. I'll get back to you after I do these lucky ladies. Later, Baby.

  • And this folks is what is known as a wet dream.

  • ...or a f****** idiot.

  • Hmmm, I would so love to have a man go down on me. And, you know what? I don't have anything on now. I am sitting at my computer naked and sooo h****.

  • I would love to lick your pussie I could stay there all day im 67 will that matter and married but no s** gasping for to lick pussie again

  • Where are you from

  • Hi wanna chat email me at theblizzardsix@gmail.com I have pics n videos just as long as your a women

  • Looks like this guys going to be doing some hand jive tonight, eh?

  • I'll come over you won't even have to leave your computer but you can bet you will be a little distracted

  • Hi babe contact me at burke0597@gmail.com

  • Would love to go down on you,my tongue probing your p**** as I caress your innerthighs

  • Im ready! ;) contact me!! vll do anythn for u..

  • Forget about it. There aren't any real men left. They are all more like girls now. Seriously. That's why me and my girlfriends all went l****. Lesbians are closer to what men used to be like and you don't have to worry about whether or not they used a condom or want to get you pregnant to try to force you to marry them. Men nowadays suck. For a good and better time, get a hot woman. You owe that to yourself. You owe it to yourself to have the best s** with a sensitive lesbian lower who knows exactly how to please you in every way. Lesbians rule! Men suck!

  • That ain't what your Mama said, sweetcheeks!

  • Oh because your prefect and we should do what ever you want that called following a group of pepole who think they are god when really they just suck. get your haed cheacked and review your mental standpoint.

  • I got wet reading this. I am so damn h**** that I hope I don't break my d****.

  • Let me help u my d*** will put u to bed

  • Be patient, he'll need a couple of hours just to find his dinky little thingy!

  • Hmmm, you must be soooo wild in bed. Yum!

  • I am wild will be f****** till the break of dawn

  • Im glad that you confessed this. I would love to eat your p**** out, I enjoy eating a p****. I would lick you a lot, and also f*** you as much as you want, and also f*** your a****** if you'd like.

  • Could I p*** on your face? I lose a lot of boyfriends like that. Trying to be nice and give them all of me, I p*** on their faces when they are asleep. God only knows why, but they usually get, pardon the pun, p***** off and leave me after that. My best boyfriend let me s*** on his face. But he got religious and said he wanted a nice Christian girl who didn't have "My strange perversions." S**** him, he had a small d*** anyway.

  • Lets f*** u can p*** on me while I eat ur p****

  • Let me suck ur tittys then u can p*** on my face baby then u can ride this d***

  • If I was not married I would be the right man for you. I have let my wife p*** on my face for 12 years. It makes her feel empowered, and I rather like the warm tingling feeling. It has made our marriage better and brought us closer together. My wife gives me more s** because I indulge her in her love of dousing my face with golden showers. It is really not bad once you get used to it.

  • Ill f*** you...
    can we meet...
    i aint scared

  • Sure, Baby, where you at?

  • Make them go down on you first.

  • You sound hot. I would love to spank your monkey and blow it too. P.S. I swallow.

  • I would looove to meet you and give you the best o***** you ever had.Would love to lick you for hours!!!!I love it!

  • Where you at, Sweetie?

  • Over at your mamas house!

  • No
    whee do u live
    im in los angeles for now


  • I'm in Alaska, Michael. come warm me up. xxxooo

  • Hey Michael, I'm bettin' it's a dude messin' with your head!

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • I would do that any day of the week

  • Try an adult sugar daddy dating site called http://sugardaddydatingsite.org it's the best service ever!! My

    colleagues and I got turned on to it after swearing to never join another site but we've been really pleased with

    the action. I think they claim to screen the girls and customer service is great. Female operated so from what I

    gather seems to run a little different then most. Not the biggest selection of ladies but definitely growing. 2

    months joined and very happy!!

  • P**** addict.

  • A dude wrote that confession. But most of you dweebs no doubt are bi so c*** and p**** are probably all the same to you. Enjoy your suck fest.

  • I would love to

  • To be honest, oral working down there is one of my skills..I think women love it.

  • Could you elaborate on that a little sweetie?

  • I'm not afraid to do that, I don't know what guy is.

  • I am into oral worship so your post is inspiring to me.


  • I remember eating out my girl and her having an o***** with my head still inbetween her legs....she dislocated my jaw, hahaha

  • I love to eat out a girl til i make them c**

  • I'm 66 and have been eating p**** ever since I was 12 and a neighbor lady taught me about foreplay. I would rather eat my wife and be eaten by her than have s**! We have been married now for nearly 25 years, and no complaints in the bedroom! When I was single and dating the girls would just love it. I had one much younger lady who woul call me up and say she had been a bad girl and needed me to give her a tongue lashng!

  • I love going down on women I think its like one of the best parts

  • You are the worse h***** i ever paid for,and i want my money back.

  • LOL!!!

  • Me too, i can do dat all the time..

    i am a male, 27 yrs

  • Im h**** too ! who wants to trade pics (; im a girl i dont care what gender you are . email me at emilylovee890@gmail.com

  • Or video chat whatever you want (;

  • I have never been able to understand why a straight guy will not eat p****...... it is truly the most amazing thing to do, I crave it and will do it every chance I get to for as long as I can, I just LOVE it and everything about it, vaginas are ALL beautiful

  • I LOVE to lick p****, it's one of the best things I can do and I can spend hours down there!! Yummy!!

  • They're indeed amazing unless unwashed, untrimmed or un-ventilated...then, chances are we wouldn't see you within 10 miles of that stanky s****.

  • That is not to much to ask . I am 45yrs old and would take care of your needs . I love to eat p****, even after I c** it it.

  • That's hot. Would you c** in my ass and lick it out?

  • I cant understand why a modern guy wont lick your p**** and tongue you, I'd do it in a flash, you wouldnt be disappointed either, you would definately o*****, wanna try me?

  • Duh. Because the confession was written by a guy.

  • I'd love to do all that licking eating you out and f****** you like you want id treat you like a queen I love blow jobs to we would get alone good we would probably spend all our free time in the bed room or where ever you wanted to do it

  • Im a girl and really h****,

  • Skype:frankroberts001

  • Email me...kavumoman@gmail.com

  • So am I bb wanna meet

  • You need to be f****** me then. I love eating p****. Send some pics to mcizah@hotmail.coom

  • I'd also LOVE to c** in your mouth and watch you drool my c** from your sweet red lips..

  • I'd do you in a heart beat. I'd suck that little p**** like no tomorrow. I'd make you scream!!!

  • Oh, Baby! I love it when you talk dirty. Come to Momma!

  • Seems reasonable to me! Speaking as a guy, we're all selfish f**** until a woman trains us how to act.

  • Ill eat you out.

  • Please do.

  • Looking for some girls to swap pics with 10 - 16 luke@lukejupp.me.uk

  • I want to sit on your face.

  • Sriously you need help, I thank you been watching too much p***? That is so nasty, you know you get a disease from that, I'd a nothing else say to you,

  • G away I believe you are just saying this because you cannot get eaten out yourself, there is protection for oral s**.

  • any girls down to f*** (12-18) im down and im 14 but i hae a big c***

  • I'm up for it;)

  • i would love to have a guy (or guys) just spend all night with their head between my legs and a d*** in my mouth! i love giving head! i love the feeling of a hard d*** on my tongue!!! it's awesome! ;)

  • When u want it

  • If u want il keepmy head there all night nd day ;)

  • S***

  • anygirls down to fuc cuz i got a complete big c*** and a lot of sperm i there and if u want to get orgasams like theres no tomorrow please reply to this just by saying or replying i need a c*** !

  • I really need a huge c*** c****** inside me after that! So h****!

  • i can f*** u like theres no tomorrow just give me ur phone

  • ill lick ur p**** then eat you out and ill f*** u like the world i s ending

  • if he doesnt want to eat you out hes gay i have never met a guy in my life who doesnt love chowing down on some p****

  • I love four play and even love it more when I get my p**** licked it turns me on in a way u cant even image, but I have a huge problem my husband just have no interest, I need it so much. now I feel like getting someone to lick me all night and day long. I'm in need and he just doesn't care. please can anyone help

  • Would love to lick your p**** Hun,that is my passion,licking a hairy p**** and making a woman squirt on my face,if you want to chat mail me, rogerwtts@yahoo.co.uk and tell me how you like to be licked.

  • I don't really want to do that and I'm not gay!

  • You are gay. You are trying to supress it but deep down inside you know you crave d***. You have an aversion to p**** and check out men's d**** in the rest room while your p****** next to dudes. I have it on good word you beat off looking at photos of David Hasselhoff. You also fantasize about being raped by big bad prison boys with tats all over their bodies. The thought of being a prison b**** is a taboo fantasy that gives you wet dreams and hard as oak morning wood. You will deny this, but you and I know it's true.

  • i want to now where do you live

  • kukur suda laura,baperok sud kela maksudur.madarjat,behn ka laura kela sudur set maka laka kela zohora suda bonori kela.chinmoyee deka kela...hema handique is a randy kela on facebook.F*** rocket's gf,she has d biggest b****** or f*** my aunt kela maksudur bonora lulu kela.

  • Me and my friends, yes, we are males, can quadruple penetrate you. We tried it before. 2 in your p****, 1 in your ass, and 1 in your mouth. Where do you live?

  • Wow!

  • So gay

  • id love that!!

  • ill doit im 16

  • Ill do it im 11

  • You're underage!!! You can't do that!!!

  • U must be one lonely despert ass b****

  • Oh Baby! Hurts so good! I love it when you abuse me. More Baby! Hmmm.

  • I love to suck young p****** (12-19yrs) with fleshy c****. My girlfriend's sister was 14 when i sucked her p****, it had a nice c***. since then we always have s** more than with her sister.

  • I'm !4 and i wouldn't mind someone sucking my p**** ;)

  • Where R U ?
    I wanna eat yo pussy7

  • It's NOT too much to ask! You deserve it. Go find a guy :D Maybe a little older because they tend to want to please their partners more than dudes our age.

  • Hey if you ever want your p**** eaten ill be there in a heartbeat


  • Usually men will f*** most women but if a woman is fugly he will not go down.

  • `to be f***** like there is no tomorrow'

    good sentence

  • goog god all my boyfriend wants to do is eat my p**** .. he enjoys it more than f****** me he makes sure im fully turned on and h**** before he thinks about putting his d*** inside me hes always thinking about pleasing me and i just realised im so lucky haha he is great in bed too i think you should suck his d*** first and then tell him to eat your p**** cause you gave him oral trust me it will work dont let him f*** you before he gives you head cause hel be so turned on after you suck his d*** he would want more and do anything for you

  • Who wants to have s**
    with me

  • I'm up for it. I'm a tall dude who is hung like a horse.

  • F*** me

  • Im having s** right now and im only 11 dumb a****

  • Im a virgin pleeeeaaaasssseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a committed guy here. hi, all. me n my gf are looking for threesomes. any girl interested, do tell. bye, tc.. :)

  • After reading these comments it clear that most of them are immature responses and that if they were put in a situation where they had to perform they would get scared and run away to mommy.

    I would somewhat agree with the one that said FACT. I was 29 or 30 when I actually went to enjoying giving oral. Dont get me wrong, in my 20's I enjoyed it but i used it to get what i wanted. find yourself a guy that thinks of you first. not some d*********, jersey shore type guy(half the guys on this post)

  • We do not even know what the OP looks like. She could be one of those 300 lb'ers . Just saying. She might just be lucky that there are even takers for f******.

  • Yeah! F*** those Jersey Shore types!

  • FACT:
    Until around 35 or so, a guy is only doing it so you will let him get inside you and get his own sexual gratifacations.
    He is not really interested in pleaseing you, it is just a necessity to get where he wants to be.
    If you want some really GREAT oral pleasure, hide the pride and get with an older man.

  • Speak for yourself. I'm 24, and I love going down women.

  • Every please stop the paedophilic comments, it's horrible and unlawful!

  • i will do everything to you

  • my clients love to go down on me...

    some are really awful at it, and other's amazing! You'll find out. It will happen soon enough.

  • Here is your solution. No intercourse till you talk to him in a non sexual charged situation. Tell him what you like, what you think you may like, and what you don't think you will like but that you will do that once and the rest enough till you know just how much you like it.

    Tell him to come up with his play ground himself as well.

    Then play together, with the key being communication with each other. Ask what they want to be happy, and do some of it with enthusiasm then ask him to work on your list as well.

    As long as you don't fart I suspect you will be ok and grow from there.

  • make sure you are clean and the style is very very trimmed bushes right now.

  • My husband wants to lick me there all the time, he won't leave me alone...I wake up with my pants off, all wet, with his head between my legs, more than twice a week. It's all he wants to do.

  • Lve eating p****

  • I'll lick your ass if you want ;)

  • That would be nice. Would you lick my nut sack too?

  • i absoluetly love eating a girl out its even better than s** sometimes i love makin her c** over and over and tasting it feeling her body shake and quiver is so amazing. let me know if your interested id defenitly love to help you out.

  • ahhh thats amazing!

  • I could help you! and I'm not bad looking either.

  • You are probably fugly and have a teensy p****.

  • lisen im canadian so idon know wat american guys r like but i know here in canada we love lickin p**** an i read a comment from a guy sayin at 20 i didnt know how 2 please a women not all guys r like him im not gunna say im the hottest thing evr cuz im not but im19 an i can make girls squirt with my toungue an it gets me hard wen her juices soak me

  • That's because in Canada you LOVE a woman's thighs KEEPIN YER EARS WARM!

    Oh and it's one of MY favorite pastimes too!

  • and how is eating p**** a bad way to keep your ears warm?

  • Come to Tx! Lol I'd Give you some tongue action,

  • To the OP, what was your guess as to how many guys would post here offering to give you a good tongue lashing?

  • Duh. Of course. That was the point. I'm a dude baiting all those dumbass dufuses.

  • I love going down on a woman. I like exploring until I find the right spots, then working from gentle exploration to rapid, building excitement. The key is to pay attention to the woman's body. Don't go into it with full force and the expectation she'll come quickly. Get her excited, tease her, deny her, then rock her. After she comes start working her with the c***, you can probably get a second o***** if you do it right. Give her a short chance to recover then start f****** her hard. Go straight from her p**** to her mouth with your c*** and watch her suck her own juices. Change positions several times so you don't come too fast. Girl, you need a good licking and f******.

  • Oh my, aren't we full of ourselves.

  • Well, I don't know what state you are in, BUT in my state oral s** is ALL the guys want to do! And I am NOT talking about boys I am talking MEN from 27 to 55! YUCK!!!

  • Than suck my d***!

  • What state are YOU in?

  • What state r u in?

  • New Jersey

  • Move to Charlotte, NC....i'd lick every inch of you and anything else you'd like.Ahh, b******* too??? you are a mans best dream.

  • I hate NC but I wouldn't mind visiting for a good f***.

  • Shoot me an email at pleasuremaster3000@gmail.com

  • Well we might have to give you a reason to love nc....any dirty reason you like, btw. like the other guy said stop f***** with boys, i know at 31 , i knew jack s*** about pleasing a woman at 20 years old....damn would love to lick your sweet p**** & ass....

  • No more blow jobs until he goes down on you. If he realizes he won't get his d*** sucked until he goes down on you first, suddenly eating you out will be the most appealing thing in the world.

  • Speaking of blow jobs, blow me!

  • Actually I haven't even f***** him yet and I told him he's not getting any if I don't get my form of pleasure. He's upset but that's too bad.

  • It is too bad, but life isn't about being selfish in bed. The younger he learns this, the better he (and you) will be at being good in bed. If he still refuses, he's an a****** and you're better off dumping his ass.

  • Luckily, he's not my bf. We are just friends and was hoping we'd have a good f*** once in a while but that's not gonna happen since he's being selfish. Sad part is, he's too much of a coward to chase after other girls.

  • Stop messing with lil men and come rolling with grow folks. Am 26, my reference speak for themselves ;)

  • Come over please

  • Talk to me...kavumoman@gmail.com

  • what state areyou in baby ??

  • I badly want u baby!! u wont find a better guy than me!! pls contact me!! :*

  • Im f****** right now oh yeah brittany and im 11

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