Knew i wasnt ready...

I am a 14 year old girl,i am the type of girl that doesnt get a lot of boyfriends because i have had a past for flashing on cam,so all the boys want to stay away because i have been labbled 's***'. but a week ago a guy in the year above who i really liked asked me out.after not being in a realtionship for ages i felt asif i wasnt ready for it but he convinced me in to by saying stuff like 'i love you','i will never cheat'..i believed him knowing about his past realtioships + knowing he was a virgin + had s** in every realtioship he had been in..which was alot. I knew he would end up wanting to have s** with me..but thinking because i play rugby,that if he came on to me in that way i would be able to stop him...i did stop him,but now i have found out that he is having s** again with his ex.i know i should hate him for and never wanna talk to him again but all i wanna do is keep him happy + do what ever he wants aslong as he stays with me... what should i do?

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  • You're looking for love in all the wrong places..especially with this guy. Respect yourself and your body enough to end things and find some guy who will treat you well. You're just going to end up getting more hurt.

  • Sweetie is there really any point staying with a guy that only wants you for s**. I know you like him but think about it. If he really loves you he'll want you happy, you shouldn't have to do all the work letting him be a man w**** for him to be happy.

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