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Ive been battling depression since 7th grade. I have anxiety problems, ADHD, loads of "my issues pills" (ADHD meds, depression pills, pain killers, etc...) and ex bf problems. I thought I finally found a guy who understands what I need in a relationship, but i guess i was wrong yet again. Who am i? I am a jr in high school "blessed with big b****" but i find it a curse, somewhat skinny, nice legs, and an ok face. I hate relationships because my question is do they like me for me or because i have b****? I find this kid who shall remain nameless and him and i date for 2 months without any problems then prom hits. We get in a little argument or missunderstanding then get over it. Two days later the same problem again. He asks me if i even want to be in a relationship anymore which i did, or thought so. The next day i want my space, since that whole conversation the night before made me cry 9hrs straight. I felt like he was pushing me away hitting my low points. Hello here sir you know i am still depressed just not as bad. Then i just want to be done with his stress and BS so later that week i wanted to end it which my close friend helped me do. But what confused me the most is he pushed me away those two days then when i wanted to be over he was not gonna budge at all he didnt want it to then. I might have fractured my hand with a boxers fracture from punching that wall. And 4 days later he decides to txt me and for the most part beg to get me back? I dont do this whole crying thing but i did from him. I also dont do second chances. But from that bad explination I hope i just did the right thing. I know punching walls isnt good but thats what i do instead of cutting again or anything else. But he forgot about all that so i guess im asking did i do the right thing and end it and tell him to get over me or should i go at it and give him another chance. Im just confused and a teenager and need help. No im not expecting to get married to this kid but he forgot what i did to myself before and made me do it again...what do i do?

Jun 4, 2011

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  • look in google for life transformation formula system z.
    you do not have to go through all that you are going though, please understand that you are young and that there is SOOO MUCH TIME, and that there will be SO MANY GUYS in your life in the future that going thourhg s*** and getting depressed is not the way to go.
    love yourself more, love yourself, your body is a blessing, you should focus on it and your feelings, on loving it and loving yourself, and asking for all bad relationships to end. even if you are "alone" you are better off than with abusive men. love yoruself and look at a bnrighter future for yourself, look at making your life something you enjoy and follow your heart. The right man will come at the right time, no need to rush, you have a long life to live, live it well, and take care of your budy, it is with you for the long haul, so if you take care of it, it will take care of you later on.
    Even if you don't feel it, you are loved deeply.

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