Admiring from afar..need to vent

I really, really, REALLY adore every aspect of you. Your hair, your cute little blue gages on your ears. Your eyes are a miracle in of itself. When I look into them and you look back into mine it is like a surge of pure perfection. Your beautiful, I am so attracted to you I don't know what's holding me back from just saying something to you. Your laugh is angelic and your voice is like a lullaby to my ears. Your gait is so damn stunning. Your presence makes my heart breakdance, I desire you so much, I never felt this way about anyone. I wish I knew your's almost over and I still haven't made a move..I feel like I will regret this but I just can't take the initiative to go up to you. I REALLY want you...f*** I'd give ANYTHING I have to just have a CHANCE with you...I swear to God, if you were mine you would be in the most caring hands I swear...I would treat you like the last girl on the planet....God...what do I do...How do I just randomly go up to you and talk about something.....If I could have even one day to talk to you...I would be honored. The only reason I look forward to school is to see your beautiful face. You deserve a passionate relationship, I can do just that..I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAH WHAT DO I DO! I swear I'm a f***** b**** for not making a move. Something's got to give...I never wanted something so bad in my life.

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  • Dude! You could like "accidentally" bump into her or something, theres always a way! Sometimes you have to make your own miracle ^.^

  • grow a pair

  • Grow a pear.

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