Fakeness All Around

One of best friends knew who my crush was. I've known him since the 2nd grade, whereas she's only known him since last year in 7th grade. The beginning of this school year, she didn't come to school because she had moved to Ohio. I was happy because she called me a lesbian lat school year. But then one day, she came back. All of my friends were surprised. I forgave her and became friends with her.
At my school, we go on a field trip every week. The school only has about 132 students. So each class has their own day. We only have 6 teachers. Anywhore, we went on one on our normal day. I was planning on telling my crush that I liked him. But, I found out that he was dating the girl that just moved back. And we were BEST friends at the time. I was shocked. I confronted her and demanded to know why she didn't tell me. (And why she got with him when she knew I liked him.).
Her: I was afraid it would ruin our friendship.
Me: Them why did you do it!?
Her: Because I like him.
Me: You know what? I'm fine with it. F*** it all. You know? It's not like you broke girl code or anything. I've known him since 2ñd grade, and you've only known him for a year! AND you just moved back! Nice! Go and date my crush. Like it doesn't hurt.
*end of conversation*
Yet she continued to go with him. Like nothing was wrong with it! I swear I was going to beat the s*** out of her!
One day, she got in trouble, and got sent to the office. Well, my crush started growing apart from her. He started talking to me more. On the day that she was at the office, he was talking to me. He made me laugh soooooooooo much, and he said that he liked my laugh. I swear my face was a tomato.
We talked the rest of the day. At dismissal, the girl came up to me sobbing inconsolably. We asked if she got suspended or expelled or if her mom was pilling her out of school. She said no. Then I adked if she got dumped. She did. On the same day that he told me that he liked my laugh. Then, me and my crush started to talk more. All this time, I had 2 other fiends that I've known since elementary school. Until one day, about 2 weeks ago, she came to me all mad, because people asked her if she would date my crush. Ouch.
Well, this week, the girl that broke up with my crush did me a huge favor. She told him that there was a girl who liked him. He's so blind. He thought it was my friend who doesn't like him. HOW DOES HE NOT REALIZE THAT IM RIGHT HERE!?!!? Seriously hurts. He hasn't even thought about it being me. Let's just seem how today goes. Wish me luck. And I could use some advice. Thanks so much!

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