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I feel like you are taking advantage of me. You are never around when im home.You havent worked in 3 years & we are f****** broke.You spend all your time with your "friends", and i feel like all the stress of our marriage & home is on my shoulders. I am sick of only f****** once a month on your way out the door. I dont know why, but you act like its a pity f***. I am tired of wondering....i am going f***** crazy. Even the few people i trust enough to vent to are tired of hearing it, time to stop talkin & b****** about it guess...its hard to give a s*** anymore.

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  • You do sound like a d*******. Savor those pity f**** because when you finally break up you probably won't get laid for a loooooong time.

  • Yeah im such an a****** cuz i work all week long, pay all the bills & provide for both of us....did u even read the comments you stupid a******? Learn to comprehend what you read before you start writing dumb s***. The only reason i dont get laid is cause im trying to be a good husband...believe me....

  • Take your own advice then and get out of that relationship. Your attitude is so f***** up you will need a massive mind adjustment to ever have a chance at a good relationship again. YOu can blame her all you want but take a look in the mirror. When you finally see that a*** face staring back you'll have a chance at something better.

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