Ok. My relationship with my bipolar boyfriend is dying and I am going to allow it to die. I'm tired of feeling like an ant in a rain storm constantly and I am so tired of being on a daily, emotional rollercoaster. The last straw was when I was accused of looking at some slob's ass in church, yes, church. I was constantly asked while the preacher was preaching his sermon. I didn't but, the slob was sitting right in my face, so what if I f****** did? Had I looked, I wouldn't have wanted it or him. Jesus Christ! I know I am a b**** for leaving this poor soul,yeah right, but at least now, I will be a happy b****!

Jun 7, 2011

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  • Run, run, run!
    I was married to a bipolar woman, she was great for 3 years, I didnt know she has bipolar. One day it exploded in my face and I found out so many things she and her family hide from me.
    They are selfish f***, they dont give a damn about you when they manic. It will destroy your life! Just go on and fing a healthy person to share your life with.

  • Run for your life.

  • Thanks for your advice and time. No, I am not the self-destructive type. I just thought love and unconditional support could help, but in turn, that has definitely back-fired. I am no longer a part of his dysfunction because I deserve more and better. I am really a good girl and his loss. Just Tuesday he called me a dumb ***** for not answering yet another one of his countless questions. He worked himself up to the point of contacting me yesterday from a different number while at work, because I had all of his numbers blocked, only to rant and fuss, curse even more. Guess what? He was terminated not even an hour later and as I type this, is movung out of the state and good riddens!! Now, I can breathe and find me again. God or whatever is in this universe, really works because the only way out for me, was in a pine box and yes, he almost put me there by several bouts of physical abuse and violence. If you believe in prayer, please keep me in yours! Once again, thanks and God bless you, my confession buddy. :)

  • Leave and have a mental funeral for the b****** been theough the same thing and so happy i got rid of the trash.

  • Run from that possessive clown. Maybe your next mate will be better, or maybe you are the self-destructive type. If so, start working up the courage to walk away from your bad choices.

  • Ok. Just saw the personal reply. Please read my reply to you on the main page. Thanks again for listening and providing great advice.

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