What is after life?

Why are humans here if were all just going to die in the end........ whats after death really,,,,,,,,is it just a black void where we do not know anything...........or is their really something more? i just do not know what to believe!

Jun 7, 2011

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  • There is no hope for humanity when people let Bible fantasies guide their lives. Just brainwashing as a tool to control the ignorant masses.

  • Life after death is either heaven or h***. H*** is a place of torment, fire, smoke and a never ending pit. It's also described as a place of outer darkness. Heaven is a place of bliss. Streets of Gold, Mansions and streams of water.


    Check out the video above it's interesting.

    If you deny the truth, you cannot know the truth. The Truth is Jesus Christ.

  • Do you mean that filthy Yid whose followers lie about his coming back from the dead?

  • Let's see.... I think that when we die, WE DIE. The meaning of life is 42, duh.

  • you have to think .. what are we made of? where do plants go when they die? and the animals? we are all bits and pieces and of other bits and pieces. Sorry, but we die and that's it. you become 'worm food' then they die and become plant food ect.

  • The Bible says that after death comes judgment. Don't go into eternity without Jesus. Pray this simple prayer: Jesus, please forgive all my sins, and take me to be with you in Heaven when I die. This will be the most important decision you ever make! Don't put it off. Then find an authentic Bible-believing church, and get grounded in the Word (Bible).
    You will never regret giving your life to Jesus Christ of Nazareth - you will truly be born again. If you need assistance, google the 700 club in your country/area.

  • I got good news for you. Since life is highly organized matter and time dies when life doesn't exist, then, when you die it's a void which will become life again when your component particles will be again part of a live organism. Since you didn't feel the void, we may say that immediately after death you will become a new live organism, somewhere, in time. Happier now? :))

  • Don't worry about it so much. If you spend time worrying about what it will be like after life, you'll miss out on, you know...LIFE. You'll die eventually and find out, might as well make the most out of right now while you still can.

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