Lieing stepfather

I caught my step dad looking at p***. right after he told my mom he never even had thoughts about other woman. ill hate him forever.

Jun 7, 2011

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  • Ur mom shouldn't be bugging him anyway

  • Oh get the f*** over it!!! He's human for christ sake... (this is coming from a virgin girl...)

    What would you prefer? Him fantasizing (which is something everybody does) or actually cheating your mom??

  • I think you woul dhate him regardless if he looked at p*** or not. Unless you are perfect and nevcer lie to your mom, or anyone else you might notbe so quik to make such a judgement.

  • Good god its just p***. Its not like he's actually done anything wrong. Everyone, EVERYONE (men or women) has thoughts about having s** with other people. It doesn't make you any less faithful or less attracted your spouse, its just that seeing the same junk over and over again can get boring, and having fantasies and looking at p*** can keep you from actually going out and getting it somewhere else. His only mistake was not being discrete about it. While there is an unspoken understanding in every relationship that everybody on occasion fantasizes about s** with someone, or looks at p***, its still not considerate to be blatant about it. Lighten up on your step-dad, what he was doing was very normal and not at all disrespectful to your mother.

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