Theres this guy, not just a guy, my ex. we started going out in 2009. We were together for a year and three months or so. I dumped him because he cheated with me at the 6 month part and i thought that id get over it and i didn't, i hated him for it, i couldn't stand it anymore, every time he was around another girl just drove me crazy. I Lost my virginity to this guy. Its been about 9 months since we broke up, broke off everything. and i miss him so much. I see him everyday almost and i blank him, as he does me, yet the thought of him being with another girl kills me. I feel so divided. Im more healthier without him, but i just miss him so much i ache. When im scared i still think about his lips on mine and his arms around me. What is wrong with me?
Why cant i get over him?
I feel so fed up with myself, im sick of it.

Jun 12, 2011

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  • It's hard to get over a guy - it's not the most easiest thing to do.

    I was in a relationship with a woman when I was 21 years old, this was about 5 years ago. I also lost my virginity to her and she was a s*** for all I can say - we dated for about a year and 6 months. Just about into a one year anniversary, I knew she was cheating and had fantasies about her "special" partner. After our breakup, I took things pretty hard - I went back to drinking and smoking pretty strong. I tried dating this girl I met but it seems I was still into the s***.

    The best way to go with it would be change your surroundings - that helped me. I changed my friends and places I normally went with her. I would go out more often rather than stay at home. After a year or so, I got over her and been with that girl I met after my breakup. She's my current partner now and we are getting engaged. So be strong and don't let anything push you aside.

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