Crazy Fantasy

I'm a 26 year old woman who has always had a healthy ** life.

But I have this sick fantasy about being forced to have my ** removed. I've read about female circumcision online many times, and even searched for pictures of what a clitorectomy looks like.

And, on a few occasions, I've actually gotten myself aroused and e-mailed pictures of my ** to extreme conservative Muslim organizations that might support female circumcision...just to rile them, I guess.

Now, don't get me wrong -- I would not actually go through with such a thing. I love my **. I'm just saying that I have this crazy fantasy, and there's not really anyone I can confess it to.

Next Confession

Leave You For A Woman....Maybe...

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  • That's **

  • As 27 year old male with a healthy ** life, i understand this fantasy completely. I get turned on at the thought of being circumcised by a female to include foreplay and talking about how she'd remove my forskin.

  • Do you want to see some clitorises getting cut off?

  • Well we all have sick fantasies. I fantasise about having ** with a 12 yr old girl I once met, she'd be 16 or so now...but I still think of her. I'm way older than that

  • Depends whether the 12 year old girl is past puberty. Some 12 year olds are even full grown women while others look like skinny prepubertal boys - no **, no pubic hair, narrow hips. To be attracted to girls who look sexually mature is normal. To prefer women who remove their pubic hair is latent pedophilia (sexual attraction to prepubertal children).

  • Is this related to other fantasies of yours? do you enjoy being spanked, abused, **? or is it just this one taboo thing that for some reason greatly arouses you?

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