My subconcious rebels against my conscience

I'm an active intactivist, I go to protests, I am active on Facebook and Twitter, and I support my intact husband and my intact son. I'm convinced that circumcision is cruel, unnecessary, harmful and evil.

I was introduced to intactivism by my now-husband, eight years ago. Before that I didn't really know about circumcision, I wouldn't have been able to tell you what it even was exactly. Since I got into intactivism, I've learned all about it. This included learning about how it's done, and seeing some movies of the procedure.

The movies of babies being circumcised disgust me. Movies of adult men being circumcised should disgust me too, but they don't. They turn me on. I keep waking up soaking wet from dreams where my hubby gets circumcised. I can't ** anymore without fantasizing about circumcision.

This isn't me, this isn't how I chose to be. And I'm afraid my hubby will turn away from me if I confess to him.

Next Confession

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  • A lot of women DO get their husbands cut, but somehow, in your case, I don't thank that's going to happen.

  • Why do you think women have their sons cut?

  • Oh honey, don't get your ** in a twist. All my friends want their man to get cut, you're not alone and you're not immoral.

  • If your husband's having a vasectomy, that may be a good time to bring it up. Get a package deal and have it all done at once.

  • Infant circumcision without medical reasons is appalling. Adults can make their own choices. It can be hugely positive for women to influence their man to get circumcised, many who are happy being circumcised at their wife’s request. Looks like you have some work to do first introduce him to the idea that infant circumcision is bad but adult circumcision can be quite good depending, let that filter through a hint at the time until he gets it.

  • That's weird . Why care if someone else is or isn't circumcised ?
    I am .and im glad . But could not care less about someone elses **

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