My one and only virgin

My ex wife was no virgin. She had been previously married and was no problem during our first **. She had an affair with another man I found out and she was history.

I didn't want a virgin. I've heard that the first time hurts and they are hard to penetrate but one night I actually found myself with a virgin girl.

She was of age but younger than I am by several years. I didn't know she was a virgin when she was at my apartment.

Its a long story as to how she ended up in my bedroom but we were not strangers and I had been with her older sister who was working for an ** service.

Ok this sounds like I'm a pervert but like I said she was legal. I decided to do this.

I ate her out. I slid my tongue over her ** and ** and I paid special attention to her exposed hymen. Trying to get my tongue in deep was impossible. So guess what?

I didn't have ** in ** with her. I've had plenty of ** during my lifetime and I didn't want the pain and the blood and possibly the crying.

She did dum hard though. You could see the vaginal lube glands pumping out fluid. I licked her ** like a champ and then after a shower I sent her on her way.

The next day I had ** with her sister who ws freaked out that her sister was still a virgin.

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  • You raise a key point with regard to my experience too. It apparently and/or evidently must involve personality types. i.e. some of us it appears just have the capacity to hookup with virgins to take home. After 2 or 3 however it becomes rather a disappointment than a smile. More to the point, I have been gifted/blessed with over endowed genitalia if you will. I will never complain, it's just that the thickness regarding my manhood makes it much more difficult to puncture any membrane with. Moreover, it requires multiples of patience at a time when a Man would indeed prefer to be executing pelvic thrusts to deliver release of his **.. That stated, 4 virgins are enough & I prefer to inquire now prior to any crescendo of carnal activity. It's similar to my preference for preowned motor vehicles to avoid sudden monetary depreciation..

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