Dear Bulimia, I need you for a little bit.

I'm currently trying my hardest to become a bulimic.
I've been over weight my whole life, i've come to be 350lbs or so, but have lost about 106lbs with gastric bypass.
The process has slowed down and i hate that...
because i'm tired of being "Big" i'm tired of being called names and being looked at like i'm normal and hurting so much inside...
thats why i do this...
because i dont want to be ME anymore.

ps. I'm only 18 years old, i shouldnt weigh this much :(

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  • You don't want to be bulimic, trust me on this one, it's a living h***.
    Unless I've misjudged you badly, you won't enjoy constantly thinking about food, and I mean constantly - when you can next eat, how long you should avoid eating to make up for you last binge, because you will binge, bodies aren't made to be deprived of food so they crave in response.
    And don't forget the pain, your throat will hurt, your knuckles will bleed, eventually you'll bring up blood, and that's pretty scary but not enough to make you stop. Bulimia will become your life.
    You'll lie to everyone you care about, you won't be able to have an honest relationship with this secret on your chest, you'll push people away terrified that they might find out. You'll steal food from friends, you'll spend all your money on food, diet pills, laxatives. By the time you realise this isn't what you want it's too late.
    That's the horrendous irony of this, I'd give anything to be in your place with what I know now, when you can stop you don't want to, and when you do it's too late, there's nothing left in you life but bulimia.
    So think twice, for yourself, your friends and family and fore everyone out there who would give anything to be able to make the same decision you are, but differently this time. Don't join us in our h***, it won't even help in the end.

  • Do not become a bulimic. That is a terrible and unhealthy goal. Concentrate on your achievements. You lost 106 lbs. That's amazing! The process of losing weight is slow. Your weight didn't go on overnight. You need refocus and to find your motivation again. Change things up. Hire a trainer or find a new sport, go to a support group. Throwing up food or not eating does not create a lifestyle change. You need to eat to fuel your body, and you need to deal with issues surrounding why you eat. Create goals for yourself. You will get there.

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