When I was a little kid, people picked

When I was a little kid, people picked on me because my arms and legs were so hairy. I was probably in the first grade when I started shaving, and I didn't just shave my legs. I was so hairy and it drove me nuts when people would pick on me, so I shaved everything. I started shaving my face, neck, chest, back, stomache, legs, butt, even my big toe. Now Im grown and I still have to do this. After shaving it for so long, it would be pretty gross if I stopped and let the hair grow. I have to shave my entire body every night, which takes hours. I shave my face and arms every morning. Nobody knows about this, not even my husband. He knows I shave my arms, and my pubic hairs of course, but nothing else. I really hate having to do this. I am so weird, I know. This causes problems with my husband, because of I don't have time to shave, I won't let him touch me and he doesn't understand why.

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  • The sad part is you don't trust your husband enough to let him touch you if you are not clean shaven. You think he may just love you anyway? I hope you dare to find out.

  • I bet you get a lot of ingrown hairs! Try lasik surgery fool!

  • lol wolf woman

  • B**** get some shaving cream.

  • hey, some people are just hairy. LASERs. my wife had the treatment for her pubic hair - works great. seriously, if this causes so much stress in your life then you need to check it out - no more hair, ever.

  • can't you get it permanently zapped with a laser or something?

  • Stop shaving your face, let some hair grown in and go get it waxed (it lasts longer and you wont have a 5 oclock shadow).

  • You're not wierd. I'm a very hairy woman too. I blame it on my mexican father....but my irish mother is the same way.
    I shave the tops of my toes...my upper lip...my arms...my legs...my chin...etc. etc...the list goes on. But I'm also proud to say that I'm smokin' hot when my body's all smooth.

  • Aww. :(

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