I hate the human race

I hate people not just some people but all people, the human race is like a parasite leeches off the world and gives nothing in return we fight amongst ourselves and pretend to civilized what a crock of s*** we make a set of rules to live by but dont follow them we choose a leader for what are people that stupid that they need someone to give orders left and right while he sits back and relaxes any moron can do that societies so self conscious that evrything you do offends someone somewhere seems like everyone has something to cry about people say they want to find true love but yet they f*** anything that has a nice car and cash thats a great way to find love we say we want peace but fued amongst ourselves making peace impossible if we want peace so badly i have the perfect solution lets all die because as long as there are people peace is just a dream a fairy tale you will tell your kids about to help them sleep at night and to finish up lets talk about how we carelessly abuse our planet and now we look for another planet to plunder are we that arogant of a race that we believe we a right to everything in short sighted vision it make me sick at least animals contribute to the enviroment we just take and take and take then wonder why this world is going to crap we are worse than animals worse than paracites it gets to me so much i hate being labled as a human the same as all the rest of billions of retards i prefer just to be simply called an animal does anyone else feel this way?

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  • Well if you hate all people then you must hate yourself most. It's a good thing that nature gives you an out if you want to take it. I think most people have felt this way to some degree in their life. I find it funny when people say "save the planet". H*** the planet will just be fine, it always adapts to anything that has happened to it. What we are really saying is save the planet the way it is so that humans can survive. Not sure if that is going to happen. There is both good and bad in the world, it seem to be only one way when we focus to much on one path or thing. Hey if I was suck a peace of crap human then I wouldn't have wasted a few minutes of my life on someone I didn't know to tell him you are not alone in your thinking and that you need to start looking at some of the good things we do..... Peace!

  • Its hard to see the good we do when all the media shows is mostly bad h*** look at our history as a race and measure the good to the bad you will see the bad greatly outweighs the good and yes i hate myself but just for being human please dont say i feel sorry for you then beacuse i dont want your pity but i will take your money

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