I’m too hairy

First of all let me start. I am a 28 year old American woman of Irish descent. People tell me that I am beautiful, however I have one major problem. Being Irish comes with being you guessed it extra hairy. I have extremely hairy arms, I was teased all through school called Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Chewbacca, Gorilla Girl you name it. I also have to shave my legs every single day and sometimes twice if I am going out because by 5pm I have 5 o clock shadow on my legs. Every guy I date I have way hairier arms than they do. It is so embarrassing. Would you date a girl with hairier arms than you? I notice when we are out people have stared at my man’s arms and my arms and some kids once said, “oooh her arms are hairier than his.” His nephew said to me, “you sure have a lot of man hair.” I was so embarrassed. I don’t want to shave them it is so course when it grows back.

Jul 10

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  • Well I feel much better. My boyfriend proposed to me last night. He told me how much he loves everything about me. Told me that if I wasn’t hairy then I wouldn’t be me and he wouldn’t want that and that he loves me how I am. I love him so much he makes me feel normal.

  • Dummies. You Irish are just beautiful. If the hair is red even better!! I apologize for all the idiots out there

  • Nope my hair is almost black very dark my eyes are blue.

  • Got negative comments today from my boyfriends sister. She asked me, “Why don’t you do something with all of that?”

  • Oh my god u sound perfect, ive always tried to look for a girl with hairy arms specifically thinking that meant everywhere else would be similar but ive kinda just given up, i have hair, uh 'places' as well and always wanted a girl like that i guess im weird

  • Thank you. I am probably hairier than you too. My boyfriend says he is ok with it but I think he is just saying that to make me feel good.

  • You are fine just as you are. Accept yourself if you can...

  • Thank you sweety that gives me hope.

  • Are you a redhead?

    If yes, I would love to be with you. Nothing hotter than a redhead with a red hot bush

  • No I have dark brown hair.

  • I bet you are beautiful

  • I can see why you’d be self conscious about hair on your arms but there are many options available to you to remedy that. Now if you are extremely hairy between your legs that is a major turn on! Never remove that it’s very womanly and I personally would have my face and tongue on that as much as possible.

  • I only shave my armpits and legs, but have black fuzz all over my stomach, back shoulders and as I mentioned my arms are sooo hairy. I don’t want to remove it. I am afraid of laser and wax. I am thinking of bleaching it blonde. My man says it doesn’t bother him at all.

  • Amen brother! I was a teen boy in the 80's and girls didn't shave their p****. I LOVE girls with a nice natural bush!!!

  • If the hair is soft, it is VERY nice. I dated a furry girl who never shaved. It was lovely. Now, she was very careful to bathe daily and used a conditioning body wash. Soft, sweet smell, amazing.

  • Would anyone date a girl that was hairier than they are?

  • So basically - accept it or go get laser hair removal.

  • Thank you.

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