Mid-life crisis?

I have ...I guess a crush on an attrative youmg woman at the local supermarket. Wouldn't be so bad except 1)I've been married for 15 years and 2)I'm old enough to be her father. I've never cheated on my wife, but with this woman...she's always so easy going and she's so pretty. I know being nice to people is part of her job and all. But I am a regular customer and I know she always recognizes me and if she's not busy, we always chat for a few minutes. I've come very close to asking her out for coffee. The rational part of me knows if I do that, it'll ruin the casual friendly chats we have. But when I see her smile, hear her laugh, my heart aches in a way I haven't felt for a very long time.

If I was smart, I'd find a new store to go to. And maybe just buy myself a Harley.

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  • Been there, and know the feeling. I was married 12 years, and, while my marriage was going downhill due to ex-wife's drinking, I became friendly with many younger women. Like you said, young enough to either be my daughter, or close to it.

    I started working on a very beautiful, high-cheekboned and great smile, sexy young woman whom actually once worked part time with my niece. She (the young woman) was a little older, though, but not by much. By then, she was at the sports bar I went to, so, I saw her all the time. Our connection grew, and, as she became part of the local style and "beauty" scene, I also knew many women who'd help her. She also knew of my affinity for long, polished nails, and kept hers very long and pointed. When I saw her nails done jet-red, and she asked me for a ride home one night, I knew I was done for.

    I gave in, and, soon as we arrived at the apartment she shared with another girl, went at it like crazy. I didn't regret it so much as wanted more of it.

  • Not wanting to encourage you too much here but ... I've recently started a relationship with a man who is also married and also old enough to be my dad. The situation is different, in that he's a teacher at my college so we have a lot in common and I was already in awe of him, but we have something very special going on. I know this isn't the opinion many people have, and most people want you to believe that life should just involve one partner until death do you part, but sometimes love just doesn't work like that. Neither of us are going to leave our partners. He's married with kids and I still love my husband deeply. But sometimes things aren't black and white, and sometimes there's just no other way a situation could be. And my situation is absolutely electric.

    Just don't break your wife's heart. If you do this, don't ever tell her just to assuage your own guilt. Don't pull away from her to be with this other person. Take responsibility for your situation and be discreet to make sure no-one gets hurt.

  • I have only one wish for you. That your children find out. Cheaters are nothing more than cowards. Be an adult and more importantly a good example for your children. By the way , your lover just sees you as a piece of meat.

  • Unless you are ready to leave your wife I sincerely think you should move along. or enjoy these casual chats you are able to have with her.

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