Wondering about my wife..

So I'm a stay at home dad now and my wife works at a great job.. I've put on a few pounds and so has she but recently she's gone back to the gym and buffed up.. In the s** department I'm not the best and have always c** way too early for her and usually can't get her to come afterwards so she's not really satisfied I know - anyways we do use fantasy when we're starting and sometimes she gets off with the idea of me coming in another woman and she gets off harder after the first one by fantasizing about f****** another guy when I'm watching.. I've told her I don't want to know about it if she f**** another guy but the idea turns me on.. What really turns me on however is the idea of me f****** another chick with her or at least after she's done f****** or being f***** by her - so the idea is to seduce a married woman into f****** my wife and I instead of another man - any suggestions?

Aug 5, 2015

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