A sin to confess

Over the course of a month, I have been repeatedly giving into m***********. This sin started around mid July while my I was in my home by myself watching over sexual-related scene in movies. I have masterbated in my own bed, in front of my television set, and even in front of my computer. After giving into a dozen acts of this sin I feel completely disgusted with myself and wish to repent for my sins by confessing to anyone that will hear me out. I must work at not becoming tempted to giving into m*********** as well as resist the urge to renting forbidden movie titles that contain erotic themes. I have confessed my sins to the Lord almighty and few other people in my life. All excpet posting my sin online. I confess my sin and I deeply regret giving into the action of m***********. I only ask for forgivness and to make a mends with myself to never again give into such a nasty habit. I swore humbly to God that I would commit myself to not ever give into m*********** for as long as I live on with my life. I am beginning to set myself on a path to purity again and now I just need to confess my sin by posting it online, which has lead me to hitting a snag since there is not a website that allows posting of personal sins. I need to confess my sin to the world as a promise to the Lord in order to pay for the consequences that I must suffer for giving into self-gratification. I need to start pulling my act together and stop relying on s** to satisfy my love life since I am currently trying to learn to love myself as a sense to know what it means to express love emotionally to someone. Nevertheless, m*********** is not the solution that is going to help understand how to love myself or express it. It has to be done in a more mature and spiritual sense. I know that what I did over the course of the month was bad and that I have no exuse for it. I have to start realizing that I need to get in tune with my wild emotions and know how to control and express them without it getting out hand for me. i hope that who ever is reading this will find it in their heart to grant me forgiveness.


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  • You sound like someone who's having an EXTREMELY HARD TIME coming to terms with what everyone else has. I know you're religious, and I understand where you're coming from. But seriously, if god loved you, he wouldn't care.

  • M*********** is not a sin. It's a normal human expression of sexuality.

  • Ur crazy I would die if I couldn't rub my punani all the time

  • What self-love is a sin? Calm down ur being foolish

  • NEWS FLASH; masturbation is NOT a sin. It's perfectly normal, most people do it, it's fine, your not \\"going to h***\\" for it, or anything like that. Geez, lay off the whole church scene, crazy bible thumper, holy rollers...

  • how can you actually believe what you have written?

  • Hey, where's the "m*********** is good for the soul" guy?

  • ok you basically repeated yourself

  • M*********** is not a sin. It's a normal human expression of sexuality.

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