I'm the person who used to post hundreds of comments that just said "p****" or something else vulgar on confessions a few year ago.

I was 16 at the time, and a j******. I'm sorry. I'm 20 now and I'm so embarrassed I used to be such a rude a******. :(

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  • Glad to see that the years did not pass by in vain.
    Also, a moronic comment or two, sometimes makes things feel lighter.

    Where would some people be if it were not for those
    16 yrs old telling them "If you really want to kill yourself, let me do it for GIANT Pus P****."

    I've seen either two reactions, those people either fight back which is progress from their apathetic depression or they either think at least I am not that young immature moron. Either way, is mutually beneficial; one side filters out their anger, while the other wakes up from their melancholy. The real contribution though comes from experience which now you have. Best of luck in everything.

  • peter-nipple

  • This post, and the comments, made me shoot diet coke out my nose. Too funny!

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