I'm your child, tell me your orders

I have no idea what a real family is suppose to be, or what its suppose to look like. What ever I want to do no matter how passionate, or interested if my parents don't like it, its a solid No. No use in trying to rebel or anything, because you'll only effect yourself. -Your a regret, you weren't suppose to be born, nobody wanted you anyway, I didn't want you-. To be told that, you really wonder about your own existence. Super over protective parents that shelter you from everything in the world possible. Parents that never give kisses or hugs,I don't know if their good or bad.

I don't know if I should hate them, or be happy to have such a family. We have family moments , yes. Times when we laugh and have fun and joke around, yes. But what else? Nothing.

"Hey mom, could I go to the mall?" which then in turn you get interrogated on whose going, why, how, blah blah blah. Then you get the A-ok. But then after you get dressed, and your ready to leave, you come down the stairs with a big smile on your face, she takes one look at you, "Where are you going?" "The mall?" "what? no your not." That last minute no never fails. I'm not even amazed anymore.

I Confess that, I hate my family, or I really want to. The family who robbed me of my normal childhood, my normal teenage life, the outer world. But yet since I don't know anything I can't hate them completely, Because I just want to be accepted by them.

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  • The worst part of all this is knowing your powerless in everything that's going on. And that no matter how strongly you feel, it usually never matters. I'm so sorry for you, but you need to know that you don't have to Ne who your family is... You need to find your own individual happiness and just be. Oh and give it some time, you'll learn to forgive.
    Rise above it :)

  • Aww, my heart goes out to you. My parents were a lot like that when I was growing up. I couldn't wait to move out! I did as soon as I turned 18. Are you old enough to move out yet?

    I can see a different perspective now that I'm a parent myself. It is a fallen world out there, dangerous, scary and all that. However, I will not raise my little girls like my parents did me. I kiss and hug them all the time and tell them I love them. That is healthy. Holding back your hugs/love is not. But in your parents defense, perhaps they grew up like my parents; with parents who didn't show emotion, didn't hug or kiss or even say 'I love you'.

    Hang in there! :-)

  • I will be turning 17 this coming October, and thank you! When you think of it that way, now I kinda get why my mom is like that, I know for a fact that her mom was wayyyy more harsh! Thanks for giving me a different perspective!

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