Cheated on an final

This was the last exam in a master's program I was doing in order to get into another grad program that was a lifelong goal of mine. I had found out a few days earlier that I got in to the grad program and was unimaginably relieved/thrilled at the prospect. That also meant that I didn't study at all for this final exam b/c it didn't matter anymore, but on the day of the exam I realized that I might do a lot worse than I thought and I didn't want my GPA to take a nosedive, as I had been doing really well up to that point. So I decided to slip a few notes in with me as I was taking the exam in a room by myself and thought there was no way I could get caught. The professor hands me the exam, walks out of the room and closes the door. A few minutes later I pull the notecards out and slip them in between two pages of the exam. Everything is going well until a few minutes after that when the professor suddenly walks back in, goes right for my exam saying that she needs to correct a typo on one of the questions. She flips the exam open to THE PAGE RIGHT BEFORE MY NOTES, marks something on it with her pen, and walks out. It happened so fast I didn't even have time to try to make an excuse or stall her at all, if I did I don't know what I would have done. If she had flipped to just one more page, even accidentally, or if I had put the notes just one page in front of where I did, she would have had a stack of cheat sheets staring her in the face and I'd be kicked out of that program and have my acceptance rescinded at the other, my dream career shattered. Holy f****** s***, I'm an idiot. I am definitely not the kind of person who worries or gets anxious at all but whenever I think about that time I am overcome with paralyzing anxiety. I so wish I could take that horrible decision back.

Jun 27, 2011

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  • Live & learn.

  • I wouldn't blame you. That wasn't the smartest choice on your part, but you have more chances

  • Its not a big deal, you are trying to make yourself better and smarter. We've all done dumb things in life. You got a break and enjoy life.

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