I am being hated

I do not know why people do not like me anymore. It appears that they have found so many faults in me.

More and more, I am being neglected. There are so many events that I am not invited.

There are many people who smile at me but also at the back enjoy speaking ill about me.

Is it because they see me shine too bright that they want to bring me down? Is there this type of people out there that hate seeing you being so successful?

I am a success and a s*****.

Jun 27, 2011

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  • Ha! Thank you it's good to know there is someone like me out there :) just because I'm quiet and smart, I'm stereotyped into being this awkward insecure loser . This couldn't be further from the truth. Never forget how great you are and that people have a tendency to judge and hate that which they don't understand .

  • They hate you if you have a physical flaw-if there isn't anyone disabled around, they pick the "weakest link," like, the shortest, or the one with the weird sounding voice, or the one who reads the most. Something like that.

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