I hate Heretics.

I hate Heretics. I just hate people who insult the feelings of believers. And now i direct my question to people who created site – sinnlist dotcom. WHAT DA FUCK YOU WERE THINKING ABOUT ? WHY YOU GOT THIS FUCKING LOGO WITH INVERTED CROSS ? WITH THIS LOGO YOU DISRESPECT ALL PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN GOD, NO MATTER IF THIS PEOPLE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. YOU HURT ALL RELIGIONS SO FUCK YOU – “mr i created sinnlist com”



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  • Thanks for the link. Nice site

  • Don't shove your beliefs down people's throats and you won't be "insulted" right back.


    It's astounding how incredibly difficult this simple concept is for your average bible beater. This kind of belief obviously makes you a little stupid, an observation backed up by OP's.......... "contribution."

  • Ignore people, you will get a heart attack stressing over stupidity

  • If only stupidity, like the kind the OP is generously sharing, would be done quietly and out of my line of sight.

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