What a Witch

This woman was a real witch. I'm so frustrated. I took my child for lunch here at a local school. Upon sitting down, my child wanted some ketchup & a napkin. We went up to the salad bar to get the items & this witch comes up to us & had the nerve to say my child was not allowed to get those items. When I asked why my, she had the nerve to say it was "against the law." She actually said that! She would have made a great N*** - she made several kids cry & overall was harassing everyone. She was about 60 or 70 years old. Time to get out of the kid food industry lady & the workforce period. If you're that mean & nasty, time to retire forever & call it a lifetime. You're a p*** poor example of what the school district has for staff. I would punched her if I could have got away with it. You're a mean, nasty, old b****.

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  • Sounds exactly like the this chick cop in my town. Clueless, nasty, power tripping, petty af.

  • She's bitter and old. Don't worry about it. Good luck to you and your kid!

  • Clearly she wasn't a b****, but just crazy. Early Alzheimer's maybe?

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