I Got the Pictures & Movies

My girlfriend and I are in the process of breaking up and she is a witch like you probably never seen in your life. She thinks she is young and smarter and am older and stupid.
We have two sony cybershot cameras that she is very possessive of.She has kept both of them in the last three years and hardly lets me use any of them.One of these cameras has all our family and extended family pictures.Last week,I asked her for one of the cameras and she gave me one with 45 no important pictures.I asked her for the other one and she got defensive.I told her I needed all the family pictures but she said she had deleted mine and I don't need the kid's ones ,and now that I have a camera,I can take pictures of the kids for my own records.I said its okay.
She hides or takes that camera everywhere with her.She works nights,comes home during the day and sleeps while I watch the kids.This morning,I woke up from the kids bedroom,searched for the camera and found it hidden in a bag she takes to work.I got the usb and downloaded all the 1500 pictures and movies into my lap-top.I am so happy I could cry.
Now I wonder WHO IS SMARTER!
She has more pictures in her cell phone but I don't think I can get those,she keeps very close watch of it.But am happy I beat this selfish witch at her own game.Somebody be happy for me and my kids please!

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  • hahaha! count me in, i'm happy for you! just curious as to why she wouldn't let you use is though? trust is a big issue, and i'm sorry to say this but it seems that their aint any, let alone we're talking about a camera. Whats that about? hope you do break up with her!

  • So you stole a glass of water to help with the fire burning around you. What a tiny victory in a miserable life..

  • this is big victory because the pictures almost 4 generations of my family and hers represented,that is not small to me its BIG

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