I want to be circumcised but my wife is anti-circ

I want to be circumcised, but my wife has mentioned in the past that she is against it. I think that she thinks I am against it, since I am not circumcised. She has criticized her friends for having their children circumcised. I am envious of guys that were at birth. I'm afraid to bring it up with her, as she is a very strong female.

We have a very bad s** life, and I am not a great lover, but I think this would help. Our relationship is hurting and we can't have a conversation about anything serious without it turning into a fight.

I have even looked into trying to cause a medical reason that would necessitate it, so I could blame it on this. If I had this done, I think I would have more confidence and it might even help our marriage.

I just keep waiting for the right opportunity to come up to talk to her about it.... I have been for 2 years now.


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  • Ive seen guys have adult circumcision, dont do it

  • Don't worry at all mate. I was the very same as you and bit the bullet and had it done 3 years ago.

    My only regret was not doing it years ago. We love the way it looks and feels. If I could change anything I would have gone for high and tighter.

    Don't listen to any anti circ nonsense. I can tell you that women are very turned on by it. I especially lover when she tells her female friends and sisters about it.

    I'm at alchemy9@eircom.net if you need any advice.

  • Not sure if you or others in the same situation as you still need input on this, but if it's any good I'd like to share my experience being a guy who chose to circumcise as an adult myself.
    First, be sure to know what you are doing and what you want to achieve. Also, read about circumcision, know what it is and know what it's not. Being circumcised isn't a magic cure that will turn your s** life into an amazing one in itself. It may help to last longer but you'd still have to work on your sexual relation to your wife.

    Second, when you talk to her about it, try to distinguish the issues in play. She may be against circumcision carried out on infants, but that's not the same as having it done as a consenting adult.

    While it may take some time to "convince" her, try to make it as lighthearted as possible. I myself found it useful to let her "explore" circumcised herself, aside from just theory based f Now, that doesn't mean partner exchange or anything like that, but try to be open minded and use your imagination. Among other things we watched p*** with circumcised men. Some women may not like p*** because of all the "perfect" women in them, but we found stuff from some of the female directors that are out there with natural women and more camera focus on the guys. I can't remember the name right now, but there's a few of these directors that only employ circumcised men in their movies. Google it. Also, we bought a realistic d****, with circumcised appearance. And the most important, we tried leaving my foreskin out of the equation during foreplay by pulling the foreskin back, attaching a p**** ring at the base so that it would stay back at all times.

    Not saying it'll work for everyone, but eventually she came around and said she liked it. Since we wanted to take it step by step we agreed upon a partial circumcision. After 6 months, she said she liked it very much and actually asked me about going for a full circumcision. This is now 5 years ago, and it's all well

  • Thanks for the comment.

    She is very anti-p***. Although, she (we) is into game of thrones and true blood, which is almost soft p***.

    I do secretly hope it will make me last a bit longer. I've done a LOT of research and haven't really found a lot of good anecdotal evidence one way or the other. Most people (in the forums) are willing to talk about the circumcision for the first 2 months, and then you never hear anything more, after they are healed.

    I also have a bad masturbation habit, and I'm hoping to kick that as well. I'd rather tell my wife that I have an itch that only she can itch...

    I never even considered a ring. I'm going to look into this as an option, thanks! I've tried like rubber bands and stuff, but they can't really keep the skin back, but maybe a ring would work. If I could wear my skin back all day, I would.

    Also, anytime she mentions that she would like to get a snip here, a tuck there, I'm very supportive. I can't afford it, but I'm supportive. So I hope that when I bring it up to her, she'd be equally supportive. Although our s** life is still non-existent, I think I should work on that first, before bringing it up, or she'll get very suspicious as to my reasons for getting it done. She wants to have another baby, so I'm hoping she'll warm back up soon.

  • Go For it

  • If you really want it done, go find out about it and explain that it's something you want. Lots of women would be overjoyed at you getting it done.

  • It's a lot easier to clean I hear. So if she doesn't want dirt in her vajayjay, you should get it

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