I want kids in the future and she dont

Today I put the facts together that my girl friend don't want kids. She told me that by having kids she will sacrifice her body, 9 months of her life, most likely her career plus years of sleep. She told me she don't want kids. She said she will have kids because I want kids. And I do want kids. She said that will be wat she will sacrifice be cause she wants me.

That right there Made my love for her falling off because she dont want to have my kids. Her telling me that say if I go on she will be a bad mother. She ask if I would consider a surrogate. That was a slap in my face.

This all started because her friend and husband are fighting over having there baby boy getting circumcised. And I said no and she's pulling the whole family tradition s*** on me. I'm not and no guy in ma family is. But for her its a big deal.

What you think?

I want my wife to have my kids.
She should not feel its will be a sacrifice.
I think I should leave her well it's still early. I'm 24 now...

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  • If spelling is an indicator of intelligence, it's a GOOD thing you're being prevented from making more of you.

  • I understand how she feels. It's fine that she feels that way and it won't mean she'll be a bad mother.

    But if you're so bothered by it, then LEAVE. So you both can find someone else.

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