An Unpopular Opinion About Guys

I think male circumcision should be mandatory for all boys. At the hospital, the doctors should be like, 'Sorry Ms. so and so, it's for his own good. Its the law that he has to be circumcised. We'll be right back in 45 minutes.'

The circumcision done should be the one where the top half of the p*nis is paler in color because the skin on the side (inner forskin) was taken off too. If a man wants to get health insurance, he should provide a paper proving that he was circumcised.

Yes, it may hurt, but he won't remember it or will get over it. There might be a few boys that have a serious complications, but thats life. Men with a forskin are predators that spread disease.

Jan 30

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  • Kind of extreme and overstated, but generally, I agree that all boys should be tightly circumcised for a number of reasons. I don't think you would have much success with making it mandatory, but it should definitely be encouraged

  • I am one of those uncircuncised guys and have never had any complaints from any women. I do visit the legal nude beach here in new jersey and have had many women take my picture and have had conversations wuth women concerning my uncircumcised p****. Evidently, uncut c**** are a novelty here in the us so i intend to stay uncut.



  • Women should also have their c******* removed. Dampening sexual pleasure will result in them seeking less partners, thus spreading less disease. I think you're on to something .

  • Fuccck ewww , its f***** up what people try to do to people to "control" them... cut them up have them missing limbs n s*** like nahhh the only sickness is selfish jelous envious hating people that want to try and manipulate everyone for their satisfaction !

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