They didnt use me, i dont think?

Im 14 and i guess i think more like a lad than a lass, im naturaly kinda slutty and find guys easier to hang around with because they dont get all b**** or anythingg, but lately this has caused probems because ike lots of them i dont see s** as a big thingg,i was round at one fo their houses a few months ago like sleeping over because he had to look after the house while his parents were away for the weekend, anyway we found a huge bottle of vodka and got mindlessly drunk, im not sure exactley what happened but we woke up in his parents bed naked...he said we f***** but i wasnt sure.. he told everyone what we apparently did and that kinda p***** me off but it was just s** right?
a couple of weekss later it was a party and lee's house. just me and the lads, my best friends. we were drinking but not to get really drunk, just to relaxx and loosen up. we soon got into a game of dares, but where you got to choose who you dared, it started off just like flash on the street or say how far we'd got. after like 20 minutes though i was getting all the dares 'suck them off' 'show ya t***' i have never refused a dare in my life so i just went along with it, eventually it got to the point where two of them dared me to have s** with everyonee, i didnt like this bit i got a h*** of a lotta pride and i wasnt just gonna let a lifetime acheivment go!
i was like put in his parents room again with the double bedd and one by one they came in, and we had s**. i had to do what they told me but i loved it.. i loved being told what to say, where to move, where to touch, where to kiss, what position they wanted..they f***** me good and properr,deep and made me moan with pelasure.
when i next saw them we were just normal with each other, it was the s** i liked, emotionless and meaning less. now if ever a guy at school wants too f*** they give him my number and we go from there...

im still not sure if they used me or nott but it was hella fun!

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  • i love girls like you, you should come tomy party, or at least pass your number on.

  • used and sexy!

  • at 14 you have no life. and yes your being used. dont be an a******.

  • 14 is definitely a little bit young to be getting into all that i think. But despite what everyone will have you think, being plowed in turn by several different dudes is a fantasy that A LOT of women have...

    I mean, to each his/her own. Just be careful and use protection. To be honest i think that you'll end up regretting it in the future.. especially if everyone finds out and treats you like a w****. etc.

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