I want my stepdad to die

I hate my stepdad!
He always blames me for things I clearly could not have done. He believes he Is the perfect person and that his son could not possibly do something wrong. He believes I am a really lazy person when he sits all day in front of his computer screen at home doing nothing. He finds any excuse to ridicule or shout at me. Everytime I look at him I just want him to die!

Jul 2, 2011

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  • My mom and my stepdad have been together for over 10 years now , I’ve basically grew up with him and I don’t see my real father , they have 3 kids together all of them younger than me , and I have a real sister by blood who is a year older than me , I sometimes get along with my family but I feel like I’m the black sheep of the family , I hate it , even my sisters boyfriend gets more respect than me and it makes my blood boil , I have to share a room with my brother and when something happens they never listen to my point of view I just get it in the neck , sometimes I just wanna die but I’m too scared to do it , I just need to speak to someone like anonymously , please can someone help me

  • Dying is never the option my friend. I am also stuck in somewhat same situation. But i am a single child. Everytime something happens I am always the one to be blamed I almost get beaten so many times from him. But the only reason I stay in that place is for my mother. My mom says he just has anger issues but deep down he loves me. But that is a bunch of bullshit. He is the most terrible person I have ever met in my life. But whatever happens I try to be happy ultimately that is what is important. I don't think my words can help a lot but never ever think of dying.

  • I don't care how old this confession is, but we are in the same boat.I'm at the point that I want to knock him the f*** out with my baseball bat.he will find any excuse to ground me, call me names, or sometimes scream at me, and just treat me like complete garbage.and he will act like a totally different man around anybody else. my dad needs to learn some respect. he sometimes hits me really hard too. and he attempts to control me/my life, and he scapegoats me.(blames me for whatever me or my little brother does)

  • I hate my stepdad so f****** much I wishe he was dead or did him go burn in h*** f***** hate him with a passion I want my real dad

  • I know this is old but you need to record that s*** secretly and show it to your mom. That's just what I would do, though.

  • I f****** DESPISE my step dad. I've never hated someone as much as him. I could rant for hours but I truly cannot express my hatred for him with words. He aggravates me to the point where all I think about is punching him in the f****** head till he drops dead. In the past, he has threatened to hit me and does nothing but talk s*** to me. I've known the guy for over 10 years and do anything I can to avoid him. Anything he does p***** me off, I would feel nothing for this man who I have known for 15 years, IF HE DROPPED DEAD THIS SECOND. The relief and peace I would feel would be like nothing else.

  • My stepdad is a paedophile who I've lived with for the past 19 years and i wanna have him killed because he's never done the right thing by me or my family

  • I was abused by my step dad from 10 until i was 16 and it finally came out. sexualy, mentaly, physicaly, emotionaly... i was a train wreck. i am almost 20 now, have moved on with my life the best i can. he has been in jail for almost 3 years, and will be until he dies. all i can say is just hold on, i know it is h*** and u feel completely alone, and most likely abandoned by your real parents, jelous as hellof your step siblings. if he is not doing anything illegal, and there is nothing you can do legally, just wait it out, soon u will be able to move out and forget him. if he is hurting you in any way u can prove, you should tell someone. even if it is just one person, a friend u can trust. or set up a camera, or video recorder, tape his abuse and show it to your mom if she cares. or a school counselor. there is help out there i promise. you are not alone.

  • My step dad has three children from two different mothers and one of them is 21 and already has two children. The middle is 15 years old and, like his waste-of-space dad, instead of revising he spends most of his time playing computer games on his very expensive game station that his dad splashes out on, but he has no money for my mum, him and me to go out!!! His youngest son, Edward, is a right little brat. My step-dad calls him King Edward and gives him what he wants which is usually very expensive Lego. He calls me the f word and the c word. He picks on me for everything like today, I was playing with our dog and he randomly starts limping and then my step dad shouts at me and tells me to stop hurting helpless animals. I hate him so much. He is putting me into depression and I literally cannot live with him anyway.

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