A bad dream

So I have this history teacher who is the crabbiest, most pessimistic guy I have ever met. Fresh out of college, and already he hates the world. I always used to challenge him in class; trying to prove that there were good things in the world, but he ALWAYS won. But, you could tell that he liked me.He enjoyed me in his class, and liked having someone with a brain to talk to that wasn't an adult. Now this guy is less than attractive. He has glasses, a shrill voice, and is so skinny his chest is concave. So when I woke up from this dream, I was terrified.
In this dream, this teacher was my boyfriend. He kissed me, and had his arms around me. I propped my legs up on him as we sat on a couch together holding hands. And the weirdest part? I was so happy in this dream. It was like the stars had aligned,and I had found my soul mate. I'm positively freaked out.

Jul 4, 2011

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