All I want to do is play videogames, eat and have s**.

is this wrong?

I hate having to work and going to school and having social obligations.

If i won 100million dollars i'd just buy a decent sized house somewhere.. buy a really rigged up computer, play games all day and buy expensive prostitutes. either that or i'd get a nice car, and try to hook up with as many random girls as i could.

really all i want to do is mindless self indulgence.

like the band.. is there anything wrong with that? do i have to apply myself to something "meaningful" to get the most out of life?

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  • Thats ma dream.....xD

  • `do i have to apply myself to something "meaningful" to get the most out of life?'

    this is philosophical...recently, i've been sitting in front of window contemplating outside w my blank eyes if i cant continue my hibernation, after being restlessly tumultuous all these yrs searching for the meaning of life and trying my best to live a meaningful life, have a meaningful job...
    i eat what i like when i'm emotionally disturbed...
    yeah, i indulge, after trying to be a `good' person taught by society code and religions...i;m kinda like in a dont give a damn mood...

    i dunno is laziness yr nature or u r in a confusing and depressing crossroad?

    i really appreciate what the experience sharer said: u gotta do what u that u 'll be motivated to move on...maybe this is just a resting time for you. How about reading some books? watch some philosophical movies or just good movies (not action)...

    u seems that u r born with digital/numeric brain that u dont hv the beautiful, poetic sentiment to love.
    iknow u r quite focus. u can find some other focus refuse of being victim of modern tech.
    hw bout gardening? or building up some fence,green house for yr garden...get bck to nature is balancing n healing...

  • seriously i'm tired of this i hope he/she dies s***. YOU are an a****** and by wishing others dead you are only being bad karma to yourself. DUMBASS!!!

  • do whatever you want just don't hurt anyone else in the process

  • You sound like my boyfriend.

  • Take it from me. It sounds good, but the first girl is right. I had the s**, games, food life. Now I am too lazy for the s** part. So I broke it off with my girlfriend, I just didn't care anymore. It's been a couple of years and let me tell you I am content not happy. Try to find something you love no matter what it is, because even if you are working or not working; it all leads to the same feelings if you are doing something you don't love. I am not even searching anymore, don't give up like me.

  • good sharing.

  • Hi, although I completely respect your chosen lifestyle, I have to say I completely disagree with it. Your idea of a good life is scarily close to my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend's so you p*** me off as much as he does-and I'm sorry cause the only reason I'm even saying anything.
    My personal opinion of your lifestyle: It's empty. Life is so much more than a game, food, and s**. There's just so much to see and learn and experience! Even outside of social interactions, but those are so beautiful as well! There's a reason self-indulgence like that is considered unhealthy. I doubt if you got your dream you'd ever be truly happy. Content maybe, but to be truly happy your life and what you do has to be about more than just doing what you want all the time.
    Ugh, I'm sorry. I don't know you; I don't mean to go on a tangent to you. I just kind of think people like you are a waste of time, effort, and space.
    I hope you get exactly what you want from life. Enjoy.

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