Something so good cant be wrong

Until a couple of wks ago my life going fine, i was happily married, in love with my wife & had great s** life,
then a new couple moved in next door & my life turned upside, i fell in love at 1st sight, my mind was in
overdrive all i could think about was her, she was the most angelic beauty ive ever seen, i knew i was
doomed, the 1st time our eyes contacted it was electric, i knew she was also into me, she went bright red & she
could barely speak,
the trouble is shes the couples 14 yr old daughter,
my wife has come friendly with the couple, last wk we had them around for drinks when the couple made a joke about there daughter having a crush on me, we all had a laugh about it, but when i heard that i got a h******,

a few wks later i got a phone call saying they were delayed in the city and would we look after her for a couple for a few hrs after school, well my wife was away at a after work function,
at 1st it was awkard silence,but when starting chatting it was a instance connection, i asked her if she had a boyfriend, she giggled & say'd no, i then asked her was she interested in anyone, she just went red, i lent in & kissed her, her lips were trembling at 1st, we made out until we heard her parents car pull in,

that was 3 wks ago, since then we been together whenever we can, i love exploring her petite body, we never had full s** but we've done everything else, ive taught her to give me hand & blow jobs, i wont sleep with her until shes 17,

were soulmates & i know we'll be together for ever, i plan to leave my wife for her when reaches turns 17


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  • You won't be able to leave your wife, you will be in prison!

    Exactly where a pervert like you belongs!! There you will get all the s** you may or may not want!!

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